Occupational accidents have declined by half in 2017–2021 – electrical accidents have not


29.10.2021 at 08:43
Accident statistics collected by electricity distributor Caruna from work sites in its network area have revealed a worrying trend. Although there has been a significant reduction in occupational accidents, electrical accidents are still the most common among electrical professionals, and the number of these accidents has not decreased. Caruna's safety data has now been collected on the seif.fi website, where the causes that led to safety deficiencies, and the conclusions, can be found.

People must return home safely from every work site. This is why we have developed safety incident reporting together with out contractor partners. Our partners can utilise the data and material accumulated to us in their organisations to develop worksite safety.

'Based on the findings, we've produced a safety guide as well as videos that we hope will wake the viewer to how little it takes to suffer a serious accident. One of the reasons in the background is that existing guidelines and working methods are not always followed. Is the work too familiar, and we act routinely? We want to better understand the reasons behind these events,' says Arsi Näkki, Caruna's Head of HSEQ.

Seif.fi opens up the data in Caruna's accident statistics: what are the causes of accidents, what do accidents cost, and how can they be avoided? 

'The purpose of the data produced is primarily to stimulate discussion and thus prevent injuries and the resulting worry and grief. The numerical data also reveal what costs arise from different types of accidents for those affected by them. Proper personal protective equipment's and their correct use are ultimately cheap when you add up the costs of treating accidents – sick leave, hospital and rehabilitation days, or disability,' Arsi Näkki says.

The accident statistics and lessons learned are available for general use on the Seif.fi website.  Anyone can find means in the website material to help ensure that all work, especially electrical work, is carried out safely in the future.

'You must notify your colleague of their unsafe behaviour or inadequate personal protective equipment. You might even save their life. Being in a hurry must not be allowed to dictate any electrical work. Any accident is one accident too many,' Näkki sums up.

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