Hats off to the municipalities in Caruna's network area for occupational safety


24.01.2020 at 16:00
Safety is a team effort at Caruna. We are not satisfied with fulfilling the letter of the law – we want to do more. That is why during the last 18 months, we have provided safety training for almost 700 employees of municipalities and their partners within the 51 municipalities of our network area. Safety

During the practical training, professionals in areas other than electrical have been coached in safety regulations regarding electrical works, occupational safety, traffic safety and environmental safety. The participants in the training have included those working in the excavation pits as well as in work supervision, in other words everyone who works in town projects in the town area.

- Safe behaviour near electricity networks is a shared responsibility and raising the security level is always worth it. The purpose of municipal safety training is to ensure that the risk factors affecting electrical safety are recognised and taken into consideration while working. In this way, we can avoid bodily injuries and disruptions to electricity distribution due to dangerous situations, says Tomi Yli-Kyyny, CEO of Caruna.

We are rewarding the municipalities of Hyvinkää, Kaarina and Raisio for an excellent attitude to the development of safety

It is our goal that every evening, all employees get to their families safe and sound. This can only be achieved together and with the right attitude. The aim of our free-of-charge training is to achieve this goal. The content of the training has been customised to be as versatile and practical as possible, and it has been implemented together with PeiliPinta Consulting Oy.

The participants in the training of the rewarded municipalities demonstrated an excellent attitude toward safety, and they represented a wide range of functions. They had a lot of valuable practical skills and experience, which were shared during discussions.

- The investment made by the municipalities in occupational safety has impressed us. The dozens of hours spent on the training demonstrate that the safety of employees is considered important in the municipalities and it is taken seriously. All the participating municipalities can be proud, Caruna's key account managers Petri Parviainen and Jussi Rönkkö summarise.

From left to right: Jyrki Haapasaari (technical director, Kaarina), Mikko Kunttu (city engineer, Raisio), Jussi Rönkkö (Key Account Manager), Caruna), Kari Vessonen (Customer Relations Manager, Caruna), Tomi Yli-Kyyny (CEO, Caruna), Anssi Juntunen (Electrical Engineer, Hyvinkää), Mikko Kivistö (Network Engineer, Hyvinkään Lämpövoima Oy) ja Petri Parviaianen (Key Account Manager, Caruna).

Read more about Caruna's safety activities here.

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