Change owner of an electricity connection - remember these things!

If the owner of a single-family house or a holiday home changes, the intention usually is that also the electricity connection changes ownership. An electricity connection is movable property, which is not automatically transferred to new owner of a real estate. The new owner of the electricity connection notifies the electricity network company of the change.

The easiest way to take care of a change of an electricity connection's ownership is to record it in the real estate transfer deed or in a separate transfer deed. You can sign a real estate transfer deed electronically in National Land Survey of Finland's Real estate transfer online service.

A transfer of an electricity connection's ownership must also be separately notified to Caruna, because information about a sale or transfer deed does not come to us automatically. Make the notification as soon as possible after a real estate transfer on our website.

On the form, you confirm that you are the rightful owner of the electricity connection. If necessary, you must verify the transfer of the electricity connection to your ownership for example with a transfer deed or another document.

Should it later transpire that the electricity connection is owned by another person, the transfer of the electricity connection to you is cancelled and the actual owner gets the electricity connection.

Also remember the electricity sales contract

When you have transferred the connection contract, remember to ensure electricity supply to the new real estate by concluding an electricity sale(s) contract with your selected electricity supplier. 

If there is currently no need for electricity at your real estate but you want to maintain preparedness for later use, you should temporarily close the connection.