Caruna's Service fee rates

We apply the below rates in all our network areas. If a job is performed outside working hours (weekdays 8am – 4pm), the service fee is doubled.

Free-of-charge services

  • Change of network service product (once a year).
  • Meter reading in normal reading rhythm and when moving house.
  • Removal of meter.
  • Advice on felling trees.
  • Reconnection of electricity when moving house.
  • Cable marking, when the order has been placed at least three working days in advance. Actual costs are charged for cable markings outside Caruna's network areas

Services invoiced as one-off payments

Service Fee, EUR
Meter replacement or inspection at the customer's request when the meter in the inspection works properly 200.00

Installation, connection and disconnection of meter reading systems at a construction site or temporary metering point

- One cable
- Additional cables



Change of meter location at the customer's request

- As a separate job
- With other jobs



Disconnection of equipment or reconnection to network 150.00
Interruption of electricity supply due to non-payment 40.00
Reconnection of electricity supply due to non-payment 40.00
Invoice requested separately or outside normal invoicing rhythm 10.00
Account statement requested separately 10.00
Sending a payment reminder (VAT 0%) ¹ 5.00
Conclusion of a payment agreement 5.00
Electrician's call-out charge 120.00
Initiation of reporting service for a third party (point of delivery-specific fee) 9.00
Hourly fee for office work 50.00

Services invoiced monthly

Service Fee, EUR/month

Network service maintenance fee for max. 63 A connections ²

- Caruna Espoo Oy
- Caruna Oy



Network service maintenance fee for min. 63 A connections (0,4 kV)

- Caruna Espoo Oy
- Caruna Oy



Network service maintenance fee for 20 kV connections

- Caruna Espoo Oy
- Caruna Oy



1) For late payment, interest on arrears is charged in accordance with the Interest Act.
2) The network service maintenance fee is invoiced if the customer wants to suspend the use of electricity but keep the connection contract in force. The maintenance fee is also charged if a network service contract has not been concluded by the end of the calendar year following the completion of a new electricity connection.