Corporate responsibility at Caruna

We prioritise safety and the environment in everything we do

We work reliably and responsibly with our customers, partners and owners for the good of Finnish society.

The Caruna Code of Conduct is our way of ensuring that everyone at Caruna shares an understanding of the operating methods and ethical principles that must be followed in the company's operations. We comply with the Code of Conduct in all of our business activities, whether within the company or when we are working with stakeholders and the society around us.

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Our responsibility programme has four sections

We want to combat climate change, ensure a safe and developing operating environment for our employees and partners, build a sustainable electricity network and operate as a good corporate citizen in Finnish society.

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A developing electricity network forms the basis of efficient everyday activities

Our basic function is to ensure uninterrupted and weatherproof electricity distribution to our over 700,000 customers. A reliable electricity network is an essential aspect of the reliability of supply in society. The more digitalised a society is, the more important reliable electricity distribution becomes. We are a significant employer in rural areas, and we have an impact on towns through tax incomes.

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Cornerstones of corporate responsibility

Management of occupational health, safety and environment

Caruna’s occupational health, safety and environmental (HSE) policy defines the principles of our health and safety management and environmental action. Our HSE policy also applies to our partners and covers our entire supply chain.


Our success is based on competent and committed employees who are healthy and satisfied with their work. The personnel survey showed that our strengths are an excellent team spirit and a sense of community, as well as pride in our work and our team. We want to offer our current and future employees a good place to work and develop as skilled workers, experts or managers. In 2019, we employed approximately 310 professionals.

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We aim to minimise environmental hazards and maximise positive effects on the environment. Our environmental management model holds ISO 14001 certification. We strive to consume energy more efficiently, particularly with regard to network losses.

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We work with reliable contract, service and material partners. We regularly monitor how our contractual partners operate. Caruna's own corporate responsibility requirements supplement the procurement requirements, in addition to the Act and other regulations. In 2019, Caruna had 13 main contractors for network construction work and an additional 560 subcontractors.  

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We ensure that our electricity networks and operations do not cause any danger or harm to people or the environment. We identify and evaluate risks and hazards related to our electricity network and operations on a regular basis. We classify any safety deficiencies and rectify them according to their urgency category. Every year, we reward our partners for doing good work to promote occupational safety. 

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