Standard compensation for power cuts lasting more than 12 hours

We pay standard compensation on your invoice for power cuts that last more than 12 consecutive hours. We pay this compensation automatically and you do not need to take any action.

The compensation will appear on the next or subsequent invoice after the end of the power cut. Thus, the automatic compensation might not appear on the invoice you receive immediately after the power cut.

Standard compensation is determined on the basis of the continuous duration of a power cut

According to the contract terms, a power cut is considered to have started when we become aware of the interruption, either from our system or through a customer fault report. If there have been several consecutive power cuts, they are considered to be separate if more than two hours have passed between them.

As our customer, your standard compensation from us will be more generous than that required by law. The compensation is calculated on the basis of your annual fee for network services.

Standard compensation is determined as follows:

Duration of the interruption Compensation determined in the law Caruna's compensation
12–24 hours 10%  12%
24–72 hours 25%  30%
72–120 hours 50%  60%
120–192 hours 100%  120%
192–288 hours 150% 180%
Over 288 hours 200% 240%

For a single interruption, the maximum amount of standard compensation is 240% of the total estimated network service fees for the year when the power cut took place (basic fees + electricity distribution fees + electricity tax + VAT). 

The compensation percentage is based on the duration of the power cut (see the table above). The amount of compensation shall not exceed EUR 2,400.

Your estimated annual electricity consumption is shown on your latest electricity invoice. You can find your electricity invoices in the Caruna+ mobile app or our online service. Use the Caruna+ energy monitoring service to see your electricity distribution fees in euro.

The maximum amount of standard compensation payable during a calendar year is 240% of the annual network service fee, or no more than EUR 2,400.

The basis for our compensation policy is the Electricity Market Act and the general terms and conditions based thereon, such as the terms & conditions for network service, electricity supply or network connections, or contracts signed with our customers as well as industry recommendations.

Review the terms of contract

Sample calculation:

On 1 May 2021, Maija's electricity was cut off for a continuous period of 13 hours. According to Caruna's grounds for compensation, she is entitled to a standard compensation of 12%, because the power cut lasted for more than 12 hours but less than 24 hours.

Maija can see from her electricity invoice that her estimated annual consumption is 14,000 kWh. Using Caruna+, Maija can see that her electricity distribution fee (basic fees + electricity distribution fees + electricity tax + VAT) is EUR 1,070 per year.

Standard compensation for EUR 1,070 is 12%, so on her electricity distribution invoice Maija will see a standard compensation amount of approximately EUR 110.

Check your standard compensation

You can submit a request to amend the standard compensation if the standard compensation does not show on the next two invoices after the end of the power cut, or if the compensation you have received does not correspond to your understanding of the duration of the power cut.

Please note that claims for compensation for damages cannot be processed on the basis of a request to amend standard compensation. Compensation for damaged equipment or spoiled food can be claimed using a separate form if the damage has been caused by a defect concerning the quality or supply method of electricity. 

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