Compensations for power cuts and damage

We automatically pay a standard compensation for a continuous power cut of more than 12 hours in accordance with the contract terms and conditions. The interruption time is calculated from the time we become aware of the fault, either through our operating system or a customer fault report.

The basis for our compensation policy is the Electricity Market Act and the general terms and conditions based thereon, such as the network service or connection terms, contracts signed with our customers and industry recommendations.

The standard compensations are determined as follows:

Duration of the interruption Compensation determined in the law Caruna's compensation
12–24 hours 10%  12%
24–72 hours 25%  30%
72–120 hours 50%  60%
120–192 hours 100%  120%
192–288 hours 150% 180%
Over 288 hours 200% 240%

Submit a request to amend standard compensation 

Use this form to send us a request to amend the standard compensation. Please note that the standard compensation may not appear on the invoice you receive following the power cut.

For the request to amend the standard compensation, you will need your metering point and customer numbers, which you can find on your electricity invoice. You can find many information about your customership on My pages service. It is available 24/7.

If you think that the standard compensation you have received does not match the duration of the power cut, or the compensation does not show on the next two invoices, you can send us a request to amend the standard compensation.