Compensation for damage for a defect in the method of supply or quality of electricity

You can claim damages for damaged devices or spoiled food. For damages to be compensated, a defect must have occurred in electricity distribution regarding either the quality or method of supply. There is a defect in the method of supply or quality of electricity if the quality of electricity does not fulfil the standards complied with in Finland, or if electricity distribution has been interrupted continuously or repeatedly and the interruption cannot be considered insignificant, given the reason and circumstance of the interruption. The most typical defect situations are a neutral fault and a long over- or undervoltage situation.

The basis for our compensation policy is the Electricity Market Act and the general terms and conditions based thereon, such as the Terms of Network Service, Electricity Supply or Connection, contracts signed with our customers and industry recommendations.

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Electricity users must be prepared for interruptions in electricity distribution

Electricity users should prepare for electricity distribution not being uninterrupted. The electricity network is always exposed to meteorological and other phenomena (for example, the functioning of network protection equipment or network maintenance works) in connection with which normal, rapid variations in voltage often occur. 

CE-marked devices must withstand normal voltage variation

CE-marked devices must withstand normal momentary voltage variation during interruptions. Turning electricity on or off may not cause a device to break or cause malfunctions; it is a part of normal use. Equipment manufacturers are required to test the devices for this before placing them on the market.

Responsibilities of electricity users and real estate owners

Electricity users must take into account the operating conditions of their devices and ensure that the devices have proper electricity supply if they, for example due to the sensitivity of their devices, need electricity of higher quality than the standard network service, or uninterrupted electricity supply.
If necessary, building owners can have surge arresters installed in the electric switchboard and obtain grounded socket outlets for more sensitive devices, as well as device-specific surge arresters between the devices. Damages caused by a defect in a building's internal electricity network do not entitle to compensation for damage. The building owner is responsible for overvoltage protection in its internal electricity network.

Compensation for damages for damaged devices or spoiled food

Repair costs of a device constitute the primary basis for compensation. If the device cannot be repaired or the repair costs exceed its current value, we can base the compensation on the purchase price of an equivalent device. 
Damages are paid for food if a defect concerning electricity supply method or quality has caused a refrigerator or freezer to become damaged, resulting in food spoiling.
Damage to equipment and food caused by interruptions due to weather or other phenomena do not usually entitle to compensation for damages. An exception are cases where, for example, the wind has felled a tree onto a low voltage line, resulting in a neutral conductor breaking and causing a neutral fault.

Claim compensation for damages

You can choose whether to submit a compensation claim to Caruna or to your insurance company. Getting compensation from your insurance company depends on the extent of your insurance cover. Submit the claim within a reasonable time of the date you noticed the damage (2–3 months). We process claims on a case-by-case basis. 
Fill in the compensation claim form carefully.
  • Itemise the damages on the form and provide proof of them by attaching copies of receipts, expert repair estimates or opinions and clear photographs of the damages.
  • Claims processing will automatically proceed when the requested proof is attached to the claim for compensation. Otherwise, the processing will not be completed.
  • If any food has been spoiled, please include clear and comprehensive photos in addition to the specification.
  • Keep the damaged devices until you receive a decision on your claim from us.

Disputes concerning compensation

If a dispute concerning compensation cannot be resolved through negotiation, you may, as a consumer, bring the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board for resolution.

However, before submitting the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, you should contact the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority's Consumer Advisory Services.