Report power cuts to Caruna

Check outage map first

Check the outage map always before submitting a fault report. The map is updated every few minutes. If the power cut shows on the map, submit a fault report only if you have more specific information on the cause of the fault. It can be, for example, a tree that has fallen on a power line, a sparking transformer substation, a fallen pole or a tilted distribution cabinet.

Download Caruna+ and speed up fault repairs

You can report faults quickly by downloading the Caruna+ app to your phone, and we will get your fault report right away. Fault repairs are faster when we get information from you on what may have caused the fault (for example, a tree leaning on a power line).

Free fault-reporting service on call 24/7

If electricity is cut off and the fault is not shown on the outage map and you haven't received an alert message from us, call us. Our free fault reporting service is on call 24/7 at 0800 195 011. The outage map chat service is also available around the clock.