Your electricity connection and moving house

Electricity contract for your new home

Electricity contract for your new home

For your electric power supply, choose an electricity retailer and sign the electricity contract for your new home in good time before your moving date. When you move to an area belonging to our network area, your electricity retailer will then send us all necessary information which we require for your electricity distribution contract. You do not have to inform us of your move separately. Instead, we will draw up your electricity distribution contract and send you a confirmation.

You will receive two separate electricity bills. Your electricity retailer will send you a bill for the sale of electricity, and we will charge you for electricity distribution. Some electricity retailers can send you a combined bill for electric power and distribution. Your electricity retailer will be able to advise you further.

You should cancel your old electricity contract from the date when you move out. Let your electricity retailer know about your move. Your contract with Caruna will end automatically when your electricity retailer notifies us about the cancellation.

More information about Caruna's electricity distribution prices.

Order a new connection for your plot

Electricity contract for your new property

To connect to the electricity network and for the network to extend to the border of your plot, you first need an electricity connection. You can then sign the electricity contract. As well as these, you will need a meter reading centre and a connection cable, which you should order from your chosen electricity contractor.

If you are building a new property, please start by defining the property’s electric power needs and estimating your future consumption habits, then choose the matching connection size and distribution product. Order your new electricity connection as soon as your construction work begins. Building a new electricity network takes between one and three months on average.

Note! You don’t need to order a separate meter reading centre for connections smaller than 3x80A with only one metering point. In that case Caruna will deliver a combination cabinet that also works as a meter reading centre after building. This has been mentioned in your electricity connection contract. In these cases, your electricity contractor dos not need to send us the order for the electricity network connection.

Please remember to sign a contract with your electricity retailer.

How to order a new electricity connection

  • Please use our online form to either get a quote for an electricity connection, or to order a new connection for your plot.
  • Attach the layout or a map that shows your site and the boundaries for your plot as well as the requested location for your new electric switchboard for connections over 3x63A.
  • Once we have received your form, we will send you a connection contract and the terms & conditions for your network connection. The connection contract shall enter into force after it has been signed by the connecting party and the network operator.
  • You can sign the contract by hand or use an electronic signature. If you choose an electronic signature, please add your e-mail address to ‘Additional information’. We will then send you a link to your contract and you can confirm the contract using your personal online banking identifiers. If you use an electronic signature, you will receive your contract and the terms by e-mail.
  • If the connection point specified in your connection contract is a combination cabinet provided by Caruna, you don’t need to order a separate meter reading centre from your contractor as the combination cabinet is also a meter reading centre. Please, remember to sign an electricity contract with the electricity retailer of your choice. Please, read more about combination cabinets.

Zone pricing of electricity connections

Electricity connections are priced by zones, and the zones differ from each other because the structures of Caruna Oy’s and Caruna Espoo Oy’s electricity networks are different. You’ll find our electricity connection prices in the price list.

Learn more about the electricity connection zones in Caruna Oy’s and Caruna Espoo Oy’s distribution areas:

Caruna Espoo Oy’s zones

Caruna Oy’s zones

Instructions for builders

Builders’ responsibilities

Consider your electricity needs beforehand

  • Define the property’s electricity needs and estimate your future consumption habits to select the most suitable electricity connection size and distribution product. Also pick a date for when you would like the supply of electricity to begin. If you are unsure about the fuse size or which distribution product you need, our customer service is happy to help.

Select an electrical designer and a contractor

  • Always choose a professional electrical designer. The designer will need a layout of your site and a floor plan of the building. You should decide beforehand which electrical appliances you will need. 
  • In addition to the designer, you will also need an electricity contractor approved by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). The contractor ensures that electrical work is carried out safely and in accordance with the applicable standards and the network company’s recommendations.
  • Always make a written contract agreement and draw up a preliminary timetable for coordinating the electrical work and building work already at this stage.
  • If you want to move any electrical cables already at the plot, please contact our customer service.

Make a connection contract and an electricity contract

  • The connection of a property to an electricity network requires a written connection contract between the builder and the electricity distribution company. You can make a connection contract by filling in our order form.
  • We will process your order and send you a connection contract and the terms & conditions for network connections. The connection contract shall enter into force after it has been signed by the connecting party and the network operator. We will then start to design the electricity network and installation work.
  • In addition to the connection contract, you will need contracts for the distribution (electricity network contract) and sale of electricity (electricity contract). Electricity network contracts are always signed with the local electricity distribution company, but you are free to choose your electricity retailer.
  • You can make both contracts through an electricity retailer: when you have signed an electricity contract, the electricity retailer communicates this to the local electricity distribution company, who, in turn, sends you an electricity network contract.

Electricity contractor’s duties

Ask your chosen electricity contractor to read our contractor instructions carefully. They contain information on installation inspections, electricity supply and energy metering, for instance.

Your electricity contractor is responsible for the following tasks:

  • The contractor digs the ditch for the connection cable, installs the cable and covers the ditch.
  • Depending on the network area, the contractor should contact, Espoo City Survey Department or cable detector services in the Joensuu area, if they want to ensure that there are no underground cables belonging to Caruna on the plot.
  • The contractor purchases a meter reading centre if necessary.
  • The contractor takes care of grounding as required by the Electrical Safety Act.
  • The contractor carries out required electrical installations and ensures they adhere to electrical safety regulations.
  • The contractor organises the commissioning inspection in accordance with electrical safety regulations.
  • When necessary, the contractor submits the order for the electricity network connection and connects the property to the network as soon as the regulatory commissioning inspection has been carried out.

The electricity contractor should order the network connection activation well in time, a minimum of two weeks before the planned connection date. The contractor can submit the order by filling in the general request form (Yleistietolomake) found on the contractor pages of our website.

Please note! If the connection point specified in your connection contract is a combination cabinet provided by Caruna, your contractor doesn’t need to fill in this form.

Caruna activates your network connection

Our customer service can advise you about everything related to electricity connections and electrical work at the site, preferably already at the start your building project. They will be happy to provide more information about which electricity products suit your needs the best, as well as about electric heating and how you could use night-time electricity, for instance.

When we receive the connection contract signed by you, we can get started with the network design and construction work to the border of your plot.

If your electricity contractor has installed a meter reading centre at the site, the contractor will organise the regulatory commissioning inspection and submit the general request form (Yleistietolomake), after which we will install an electric meter and activate the voltage. The delivery time of electricity network connections is approximately two weeks from the date we receive the metering request from an electricity contractor. 

If the connection point specified in your connection contract is a combination cabinet provided by Caruna, the meter is already installed in the metering section of the cabinet and your electricity contractor doesn’t need to submit a request form (Yleistietolomake) to Caruna. Don’t forget to make an electricity contract with the electricity retailer you have chosen. You can compare electricity retailers using the service provided by the Energy Authority, for instance.