Terms of use

Caruna's terms of use for digital services

Welcome to use Caruna Networks Oy's and/or its subsidiaries' (hereinafter “Caruna”) digital services (hereinafter “Service” or “Services”). The Services include for example Caruna's Internet pages, the My Pages service, the Sähkövahti service, mobile services, as well as possible services related to electronic trading. We ask you to carefully familiarise yourself with the following terms of use (hereinafter “Terms of Use”) before using the Services.

By setting up the service, the user (hereinafter “User”) accepts the Terms of Use valid at a given time and agrees to comply with them. As regards each Service, the company in the Caruna Group that has been notified as the provider of the Service or that provides the Service in question either based on contract or in actuality, is responsible for the provision of the Service.

The technical maintenance of these Terms of Use is the responsibility of

Caruna Oy
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00068 CARUNA, Finland
(Upseerinkatu 2, FI-02600 ESPOO)
Business ID: 1618314-7
Tel. +358 20 52020

Use of the Services

The information published on Caruna's website is open to everyone. Use of other Services may require registration, and some of these Services may be directed only to the customers using Caruna's online service.

A User who registers for the Services must be legally competent and identified using strong identification. Case-by-case exceptions must be separately agreed upon with Caruna. At the time of registration, the User is obligated to provide the information requested on the registration form, the accuracy of which is the responsibility of the User.

After identification, a username and password may be created for the User, which must be kept safely and which may not be handed over or revealed to others. Logging in to the Services enables the use of numerous functionalities, such as the possibility to modify and add information, as well as to issue orders and powers of attorney. If the User detects that his or her login details have ended up in the possession of an outsider, he or she must notify Caruna's customer service without delay.

The use of some Services may require downloading separate software. Use of the software or utilising all of its features may require that the User accepts notifications and/or messages being sent via the software and/or allows the use of cookies or other possible analytics tools. In addition, the functioning of the Services may depend on technical matters such as the speed and functioning of network connections. Caruna reserves the right to interrupt the use of the Services for example for maintenance or updates. As far as possible, advance notification is given concerning such interruptions.

The User can notify faults observed in the functioning of the Services using a feedback form or by contacting Caruna's customer service.

Information about the User is recorded in Caruna's personal data registers. You can read more about how Caruna processes personal data on the pages concerning privacy.

Intellectual property rights

All material presented in the Services (including text, images, videos, logos, trademarks, source codes and software) are the property of Caruna and/or its licensors. Caruna holds all rights to the content of the Services.

Materials published in the Services that may be used in public communication without Caruna's separate consent have been announced in the Services separately. However, the original source of the materials must always be mentioned in connection with their publication.

In addition, the use of materials published in the Services is allowed for personal, non-commercial use as described in the copyright law.

Any other copying, sharing, transmission or editing of the material is forbidden without the prior written permission from Caruna.

Information security

Caruna aims to follow a level of information security that is as high as possible. However, the User must understand that the Internet is not completely secure. Users of the Services must make reasonable efforts to ensure the information security of their own Internet connection and equipment.

The Services may contain links to the websites of external parties. Before using the links, the User must take into account that Caruna does not administer the linked websites and is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or information security of the websites.

Cookies may be used on the websites concerning the Services. Cookies are small text files sent to the user's browser that help Caruna develop the content of the website. For more information about cookies, please refer to the pages concerning cookies.


The User may assign his or her rights and obligations based on these Terms of Use or the Service to a third party only at Caruna's express consent.

The Caruna company responsible for the provision of the Service may assign rights and obligations concerning the Service or these Terms of Use also to other companies in the same Group and to third parties for example in connection with a business transfer.

Amendment of Terms of Use

Caruna reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use, the Services or their availability, or other materials produced in connection with the Services, as well as the associated technical and other properties.

Amendments to the Terms of Use take effect two weeks after the new Terms of Use have been published or the amendments have been notified in another manner in connection with the Service or on Caruna's website.


The materials contained in the Services are published as is and Caruna is not responsible for their accuracy, completeness or reliability. The material can in no way be considered an offer or contract binding Caruna. Caruna does not guarantee that the Services can be used without errors or interruptions.

Caruna is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of the material or links published in connection with the Services with the exception of responsibilities dictated by mandatory legislation.

Applicable law

The Services are targeted for Finland unless otherwise expressly agreed upon. Disputes relating to interpretation of the Terms of Use or use of the Services are governed by Finnish law excluding the rules on conflict of laws. 

Any disputes shall be primarily settled through negotiation between the parties. If agreement cannot be reached through negotiation, disputes are resolved in the District Court of Helsinki as the first instance. A consumer customer may also submit the dispute to the court of first instance of his or her place of residence, and/or request a solution recommendation from the Consumer Disputes Board (Consumer Disputes Board, Hämeentie 3/P.O. Box 306, FI-00531 Helsinki)