Solar energy

Solar energy panels on a roof

Solar energy

Did you notice new solar panels on your neighbour’s roof last summer? Today, generating solar power for your own use is easy and financially sensible. When planned carefully for your needs, a solar energy system pays itself back three times over during its technical service life. If your roof is also bathed in sunshine and you are considering fitting it with solar panels, we can help you get started.

Most solar energy systems are provided as a a turnkey solution. A professional seller will design a system that best suits your needs, installs it so that it is ready to use, guides you in the commissioning of the system and takes care of all the necessary licenses for you!

Positive solar energy (in Finnish)

Solar panels on my roof?

Is there enough Sun here in the North?
- A solar power system installed in Southern Finland generates just as much electricity as one installed in northern parts of Germany. Also, in other parts of Finland, the amount of electricity generated is only slightly lower.

How long is the payback time?
- The average payback period for solar panels is 10 to 15 years. The solar panels have a 25-year guarantee, but their actual lifecycle is a lot longer; you will in general get at least ten years of free usage. The investment is at least as god as an investment in a new kitchen or a car.

How do I know how many panels I need?
- In terms of viability, it is essential to try and match the times of solar power generation with the use of electricity in your home as accurately as possible. An expert will design a system with the ideal number of solar panels for your needs in no time.

Is it worthwhile ordering the panels although I’m moving to another location?
- A solar energy system may well improve the value of your property when you sell it; solar energy has a good reputation.

Most solar energy in Caruna's distribution network's municipalities in January 2019
Most solar energy in Caruna's distribution network's municipalities in January 2019

Still not convinced?

My roof isn’t facing south - and that’s the direction from which the sun shines. And there’s trees overshadowing my roof too.
- If your roof isn’t facing south, you can install one half of the panels on the east slope and the other half on the west slope of your roof. Your use of electricity at home may also peak during the first and last hours of sunshine every day. Even a small patch of shadow on a solar panel will reduce its energy output significantly. Would it be an option to fell the trees and use them for firewood?

What about winter seasons? There was at least half a metre of snow on the roof last winter.
- In the darkest months of the year, solar panels can only generate power for short periods each day. Therefore, snow cover is not an issue. The panels should be strong enough to take the weight of snow, remember to ask your solar panel supplier. Did you know that the efficiency of the panels is highest when it’s cold?

What can I use solar energy for?
- The solar energy your panels generate will be automatically used in your home. Depending on the equipment in your home, you can use solar energy for heating your home and domestic water, cooling and cold storage, and lighting. Even for recharging your electric vehicle in the future. The surplus amount of solar energy is automatically transferred to Caruna’s distribution network, and you can sell it to your electricity vendor.

Do I need a license for installing the panels?
- Some municipalities may require you to obtain planning permission to install solar panels. Please check with your local construction supervisory authorities if this is the case. As soon as the electrician has submitted the required information to Caruna, we will provide you with the commissioning permit in no time. The electrician will know what to do.

Do the panels produce energy in case of a power cut?
- To ensure electrical safety, a solar energy system (without storage batteries) will be automatically switched off during a power cut and back on when the power cut is over. In most cases, power supply interruptions occur in windy, rainy and dark conditions when the sun does not shine, and the panels cannot generate any power.

OK, I’m convinced! Whom should I buy from? Can I trust solar energy salespeople?
- There are many solar panel suppliers and it's a good idea to compare different companies! Motiva's website Solar energy for your home (in Finnish) is a great place to start.