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Electricity generation connection and network service rates

Price list, production

Connection and network service fees for electricity production

Normally, microgeneration of less than 100 kVA can be connected to an existing point of delivery, and there will be no cost for connecting the production equipment to the electrical network. If the size of production equipment is below 2 MVA, its connection to the electrical network is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the construction and connection costs. For production facilities exceeding 2 MVA, the connection price depends on the construction and connection costs, and an area-based capacity reserve fee where applicable.

If the nominal output of the facility’s generator is over 1 MVA, a set consumption fee is collected for self-generated and consumed electricity. For further information about the rates for self-generated electricity, please consult our rates.

Production and consumption metering

Caruna is responsible for metering electricity supplied both by and to the grid. Caruna then sends the metering data to the electricity sales company. Consumption of self-generated electricity refers to the amount of electricity the customer has generated and then used at their own property. The customer is responsible for metering the consumption of self-generated electricity if the facility’s nominal output is between 100 kVA and 1 MVA. If the facility's nominal output is over 1 MVA, Caruna is responsible for metering the consumption of self-generated electricity.

Electricity tax on production

As an electricity producer, you must find out whether you are liable to pay electricity tax, and pay the tax for any electricity produced accordingly. The liability depends on the nominal output of the production facility and the amount of your annual production (per calendar year). For more information, see the rates at the bottom of this page.