Own electricity – Caruna+

With the Caruna+ service, you can manage your electricity at your own convenience. You can monitor your electricity consumption, browse or update your customer information and view your invoices.

The free service is also available on mobile devices and as the Caruna+ application. After registering for the service, you can use the same user credentials both on the website and in the application.

Follow your electricity consumption in the Caruna+ service

In Caruna+ you can familiarise yourself with your own energy consumption by monitoring it in our energy monitoring service. The monitoring service shows your consumption even with an accuracy of an hour. You can also find out what is the most affordable distribution product for you.

Receive messages about power cuts by text message

As part of the service, you can also activate the sähkövahti alert service, which informs you of upcoming planned outages and of failures by text message.

You will find useful links on the front page

This is how the frontpage of Caruna+ looks like:

To create a new user account, you need a working email address. After registration, you can log in using your user credentials. Your user credentials consist of your e-mail address and a password of your choice.

Private customer: You can register a new user account or log in to the service using your online banking credentials. We use online banking credentials to verify your identity and to guarantee the secure use of the service. The identification is only performed once.

Corporate customer: To register, you will need your customer number and point of delivery number. For corporate customers, verification through online banking credentials is not required.

Download the Caruna+ app in App Store or Google Play Store:

Lataa Caruna Plus AppStoresta    Lataa Caruna Plus Google Playsta

If you have forgotten your password, click the ”Forgot your password?”-button in the log-in screen. Then, enter your email address, your mobile telephone number and the verification text shown on the page and click on the "Request a code to change password" link. You will be sent a link to your e-mail that you can use to change your password.

Please observe that both users must be signed up to Caruna+ is order for the representation to work. If you wish to grant another person a right to view your information, update the user ID of your representative in your user account information.

Do the following:

  • Log in to Caruna+ through our webpages top right corner
  • Go to “Customer information and contracts from the panel on the left and the click on the link “Manage authorizations” beneath your customer details
  • Insert the user ID that you wish to grant access for
  • Ask the other user to accept the insertion, so that the changes get activated

If you are authorised to act in Carunas' electronic services on behalf of someone else or for example on behalf of a housing company you represent, register for Caruna+ with your online banking credentials. You can see the customer accounts you represent in your own user account information.