Cable marking

Cable marking

Cable marking

Cable marking

When working near an electricity network, you should prevent the network from taking damage by making sure that the excavation route does not cross underground cables or other public infrastructure. We help you to work safely near electricity networks by offering services such as guidance and free-of-charge cable marking as needed. You will receive the position data in approx. three work days from placing your order.

See below for your local contact details for ordering a cable marking.

Order a cost-free cable marking



Phone number

Espoo and Kauniainen (Caruna Espoo Oy's network area) Unit of Espoo Kaupunkimittaus, johtotietojaos 09 816 25200
Joensuu (Caruna Espoo Oy's network area) Cable marking in the city area 0800 911 055
South, Southwest and West Finland, Kirkkonummi, Satakunta region and North Finland (Caruna Oy's network area) 0800 133 544 (weekdays from 7 am to 5 pm)

When working in Caruna Oy area, you can also order cable marking outside office hours from Carunas fault service: 0800 1 95011.

If an accident has already occurred

When a cable is damaged, leave the site immediately by hopping or by leaping from foot to foot with only one foot touching the ground at a time. This prevents step potential. If you are in a machine, move the machine part that has caused the damage away from the damage area. If you must exit the machine, let go of the machine before your feet touch the ground.

Electricity may be automatically turned back on in the cable even if the cable has been snapped. The automatic connection of a medium-voltage network may attempt to power the electricity network several times. Furthermore, the damaged cable may still carry current.


  • If the cable is damaged, immediately inform Caruna's fault service 0800 1 95011. In case of emergency always call the emergency number 112.
  • If a cable surfaces during digging, immediately inform Caruna. The cable may have been damaged even if there are no visible signs. 
  • Surfaced cables must not be covered until their condition has been controlled by a Caruna representative. The control is important because small cable damages often result in outages in electricity distribution later on. The repair costs are the lowest while the digging site is still open. Repair costs for damage caused at the digging site during or after the digging shall be borne by the party responsible of the damage. Cable control is free of charge.
  • To prevent further damage, set up a surveillance of the damage site at a safety distance.