Lataustaivas - Charging haven

Welcome to charge your electric vehicle in Lataustaivas!

Our experiment strives to free up the staff electric car charging stations for the public outside office hours, to avoid them sitting idle without use. Lataustaivas is located in Upseerinkatu 2, only 500 metres from the Leppävaara train station and Sello mall in Espoo.

To start charging, you need to get the eParking app from App Store or Google Play. You can find user instructions for the app at the eParking website.

Lataustaivas is available for use outside office hours as follows:

  • Mon–Fri, 4 pm –7 am
  • Sat–Sun, all day

Fault situations

If you have any problems with Lataustaivas, please contact Caverions' service desk at 0800 1 57777 (24 h).

The price of charging is 0.10 €/kWh with free parking as long as charging is activated in the eParking app:

  1. Select the area on the eParking app: “Lataustaivas – fast charge” or “Lataustaivas – slow charge”
  2. Then add the number of the charging outlet from the + symbol and add enough parking time by turning the disc at the bottom.

Also save your registration number, as parking control monitors active parking events.

Three different charging speeds

There are 40 charging points from various manufacturers, so you can test which one is the most suitable for your car.

  1. Etrel charging devices 11 kW, Type 2 – 18 stations, 9 with a fixed cable
  2. Satmatic charging devices 3,6 kW, Type 2 – 6 stations
  3. Satmatic engine heating outlets 1,8 kW, Schuko
  4. eChargie charging devices 1,8 kW, Schuko
Map view of Caruna's Lataustaivas charging stations.