Land use agreements

Land use agreements

Land use agreements

We do not own the land and woods along our electricity network, the landowners do. To view the areas where we are building and improving our electricity network, go to our project map.

We always sign a written cable area agreement or consent with the landowner regarding the placement of cables and lines. The agreement gives us the right to place an electricity network in the area, and enables us to set restrictions to the landowners. The consent is used when compensation is not paid for the use of the land.

How we draft contracts and pay compensations

Land use contracts are always made in two copies: one for Caruna and the other for the land owner. An authorized contractor will sign the contract on our behalf. If the land area has several owners, each owner needs to sign or issue a letter of attorney to sign the contract.

Signing a contract

As a client you may chose between signing a contract electronically or by hand.

The electronic signature is made in a secure environment, using banking codes for secure identification. We will send you a link via e-mail, which will take you to a page where you can make the electronic signature. In order for us to send you the link, your contractor will ask you for your e-mail and your identity number. When used together, your banking codes and identity number, form a strong means of identification. We never use your identity number for any other purposes but to use the service you must have Finnish banking codes. 

However, if you wish to sign the contract by hand, your contractor will deliver you as a land-owner your contract as well as an envelope with a return address and paid postage.  All attachments, such as letters of attorney, should be attached to the signed contract.

Paying compensations

In accordance to our contract, we pay a one-time compensation to landowners for the inconvenience when placing electicity lines in an area. This one-time compensation will be paid within two months from the time we have received the original signed copy or the contract and the building work has begun.

Felling trees near overhead lines

If you want to cut down trees near the overhead lines in our network area, first contact a local forestry worker. For contact details, you can call a local Forest Management Association. A professional forestry worker can assess how the job can be performed safely.

Then contact our Customer Service at least 1 to 2 weeks prior to the start of work. We can give permission over the phone for tree felling near low voltage overhead lines.

If the forestry worker thinks that the electricity line should be lowered or the trees are located near high voltage lines (which have three conductors in each pole), we will send an electrician to attend the felling. Trees must always be felled by a professional forestry worker chosen by you.

If the tree felling has been authorised and it damages the electricity network, we will not charge for the repairs. However, we will always charge the customer for any damage caused by unauthorised felling. The customer is always liable for any damage caused to buildings.

We give free assistance for tree felling during normal working hours. If assistance is required outside the normal hours, there is a charge for it.