Solar power – Will you become a solar power producer?

Caruna's network already has over 12,000 solar power producers!

Did you notice that solar panels appeared on your neighbour's roof last summer?

Today, producing solar power for your own use is economically viable and easy. When properly sized, a solar power station at home has time to pay for itself about three times during its technical life. If the sun shines on your roof too and you are considering purchasing solar panels, we will help you get started.

Aurinkopaneelit katolle

Panels conveniently from the Virtane service

Most solar power stations are delivered as a turnkey service. A professional supplier will design with you a solar power station that is right for you, install it ready for use, guide you in its deployment, and take care of the necessary permits in one go!

When you are considering or already doing calculations, Virtane will guide you forward and find the most viable solutions and service providers for you. 

The service is available in Caruna's network area.

The netting of small-scale production can be felt in the wallet of the small producer

The electric meters of small producers in Caruna's network areas have from the start balanced small-scale production and consumption of electricity momentarily between phases.

As of 1 January 2021, the position of small producers further improved, as a Government decree amendment approved the hourly netting of small-scale production and consumption. What does it mean?

Any unused surplus production transferred to the distribution network within one hour will reduce the small producer's distribution invoice by the corresponding amount. If the hourly electricity consumption is less than the surplus production, the electricity supplier will pay compensation for the surplus production.

We do not collect a fee for the distribution of production to the distribution network

Caruna does not collect a fee for the distribution of production to the distribution network, but a small producer needs to have an agreement for the sales of any surplus production. The easiest way to conclude an agreement is to contact the current electricity supplier. Electricity suppliers can also be compared and invited to tender through an online service.

Compare electricity agreements and suppliers

New energy for housing companies from shared solar panels

Housing companies can deploy shared solar panels. 

In the Solar community, production by solar panels is allocated after the consumption of property electricity to the use of residents. The housing company can sell any unused production by residents back to the electricity market. 

A sunny housing company promotes the growth of the use of solar energy and makes responsible choices to combat the effects of climate change. At the same time, the image and value of the housing company increase.

Residents decide for themselves whether they want to join the housing company's Solar community. The distribution of solar power to Caruna's electricity network is free of charge.

Solar panels on my roof? Is there enough sun here in the North?
- A solar power station installed in southern Finland produces just as much as one installed in northern Germany. The rest of Finland also produces almost as much from sunlight.

And how long is the payback period for panels?
- On average, solar panels pay for themselves in about 10–15 years. The warranty period of a panel is 25 years, and the actual service life is even longer by many years, i.e. there are at least ten free years of use. So, the investment is at least as profitable as investing in a kitchen renovation or a car!

How do I know how many panels I would need?
- In terms of profitability, it is essential that the production by solar panels and the electricity consumption of your home coincide as well as possible. A solar power expert will design the right number of solar panels for you in the blink of an eye.

Is it worth ordering panels if I later move elsewhere?
- A solar power station may well increase the value of your property in a sale situation. Solar power has a good reputation.

My roof is not facing south – where the sun shines from. And there are trees in the way.
- If the roof is not facing south, it is advisable to install half of the panels on the east side and half on the west side. Your electricity usage may also coincide with the first rays of the morning and the last rays of the evening. However, the output of solar power drops drastically when even a small shadow hits a panel. Could you spare the trees for heating as logs?

What about the winter months? Last winter, there was half a metre of snow on the roof.
- In the darkest months of the year, solar panels only have time to produce electricity momentarily, so there is no harm from a snow cover. The panels should be able to withstand the snow load, you can confirm it from the supplier. In the cold, a clean panel produces the most efficiently.

What can solar power be used for?
- The solar power you produce is automatically routed to your own use. Depending on the equipment in your home, you can use solar power for domestic hot water and indoor heating, cooling, cold storage and lighting. In the future, also for charging an electric car. Surplus solar power is automatically distributed to Caruna's distribution network and you can sell it to your electricity supplier.

Does installation require any permits?
- Some municipalities may require an action permit for solar panels. You can verify the situation in your municipality from building control. You will receive a commissioning permit from Caruna in the blink of an eye, provided the electrician has sent us the necessary information. They will know.

Can panels generate electricity if power is cut off?
- For electrical safety, a solar power station (without a battery) switches off automatically at the beginning of a power cut and back on after the power cut. On the other hand, an interruption in electricity distribution usually occurs at a windy, rainy and dim time when the sun is not shining and panels are not useful.

Alright, I'm convinced! Who should I buy from? Can I trust the solar power supplier?
- In the Virtane service, you can view reliable suppliers.