Energy monitoring service
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Energy monitoring service

Keep an eye on your energy use

Our energy monitoring service enables you to check your electricity consumption by year, month, week, day, or even by the hour. The service will help you to find out where you currently use electricity at home, and how you can reduce your usage in the future.

Electricity consumption data for each day is updated in the system on the following day. This regular update schedule means that you can, for instance, enter the date when you purchased a new air source heat pump or domestic appliance and see exactly how the changes affect your electricity use.

The electricity reporting service is free to use and available in Finnish, Swedish and English. You can access the service any time you like.

Accessing energy monitoring

If you are an existing Caruna customer

  • First register for Caruna’s online services. To register, you will need your online banking credentials  and a valid email address. As an existing customer, you can also register using your customer number and the metering point number, which you can find on your bill.
  • After you have created a username and password, you can log into the service.

If you are not a Caruna customer

If you have been authorised to access Caruna’s online services on behalf of somebody else, or an entity such as a housing management company, you may use your online banking credentials to log into Caruna's online services.