Average consumption of electrical devices

How to calculate the consumption of electrical devices

You can calculate the consumption of an electrical device when you know the device's power (measured in watts, W) and the amount of time it is used for. Before calculating the consumption, you should always convert the device's nominal power into kilowatts (1,000 watts = 1 kilowatt) and the period of time the device is used for into hours (30 minutes = 0.5 hours). You can then calculate the device's energy consumption (measured in kWh) by multiplying the device's power (kW) by the time it is in use (h).

Example: Vacuuming your house each week takes 1.5 hours. The power of the vacuum cleaner is 1 kW. The consumption is therefore 1.5 kWh (1x1,5).

In the tables that follow, we have listed the average consumption of some of the most common household appliances, as well as heating and lighting options. 

Household appliances

Appliance Consumption
Fridge 0.3-0.8 kWh/day
Fridge freezer 0.8-1.6 kWh/day
Freezer 0.5-1.5 kWh/day
Elerctric kitchen stove 1-2 kWh/day
Microwave 0.12-0.2 kWh/10 min
Coffee maker 0.1 kWh/10 min
Electric kettle 0.1 kWh/5 min
Range hood 0.2 kWh/h
Dishwasher 0.6-1.6 kWh/use
Drying cabinet 2.2-2.8 kWh/3 kg
Tumble dryer 2.1 kWh/3 kg

Home electronics

Appliance Consumption
LCD television 32" 0.08-0.19 kWh/h
Plasma television 42" 0.31-0.41 kWh/h
LED television 42" 0.04-0.1 kWh/h
Desktop computer 0.13-0.17 kWh/h
Laptop 0.03 kWh/h


Lighting Consumption
Incandescent light bulb 40 W 0.04 kWh/h
Incandescent light bulb 60 W 0.06 kWh/h
Halogen light bulbs, 7 pcs 10-50 W 0.01 kWh/h
Energy-saving light bulb 11 W 0.01 kWh/h
Energy-saving light bulb 18 W 0.02 kWh/h


Heating Consumption
Sauna stove, heated per use 5.5-10 kWh/use
Oil burner 200-500 kWh/year
Dwelling-specific ventilation unit, electric heating 1,200-1,800 kWh/year
Boiler 800-1,200 kWh/year
Underfloor heating 5 m2 time used 900 kWh/year
Water heating 1,00-1,200 kWh/year/person