Read about electricity distribution products

A distribution product refers to a tariff which the electricity distribution company collects to cover electricity distribution costs and other fees related to network services.

Your distribution product is stated in the electricity network contract you signed with Caruna when your electricity supply was connected. The distribution product depends on the fuse size in your property. Caruna currently offers the following distribution products: General, Night-time, Seasonal, and Power tariff.

In the area covered by Caruna Oy, apartments and terraced houses are subject to a basic fee per fuse. Your electricity distribution contract is drawn up for a metering point. For the metering point to be entitled to the basic fee for apartments and terraced houses, the connection must be fitted with at least three electric meters.

Read more about our products:

GENERAL DISTRIBUTION for low electricity usage

  • General distribution is our most common electricity distribution product. With this product, there is one meter in use. General distribution is the best product for you if you don’t use a lot of electricity.
  • General distribution is often used in apartments and terraced houses.
  • In most cases, General distribution is also the most cost-efficient choice for detached houses and holiday homes without electric heating. The General distribution tariff does not change according to the time of the day or the season.

NIGHT-TIME DISTRIBUTION for electric storage heating

  • Night-time distribution is your best choice if your property has an electric heating system that stores heat. For example, you may have storage heaters or a central heating system with thermal storage, such as underfloor heating or radiators using hot water circulation. In that case, your water boiler is only heated at night.
  • Night-time distribution offers a reduced price for electricity used during the night (10 pm to 7 am).
  • With Night-time distribution you pay two rates, and your electric meter shows two meter readings. One is for daytime use and the other for night-time use.

SEASONAL DISTRIBUTION for direct electric heating

  • Seasonal distribution is best suited for direct electric heating (heaters, direct underfloor heating, ceiling heating, and heat pumps). This distribution product is particularly effective if you can use alternative forms of heating in winter.
  • With Seasonal distribution you pay two rates, and your electric meter shows two meter readings. One is for winter use and the other for any other times.
  • With Seasonal distribution, you will benefit from a cheaper rate throughout the summer (1 April to 31 October) and at night (10 pm to 7 am) during the winter.

POWER DISTRIBUTION for high-use customers

  • Power distribution products are designed for our high-use customers. In medium voltage distribution, electricity is supplied with a medium voltage of 20 kilovolts. Customers who wish to use medium voltage distribution must own a secondary substation and must be responsible for its use and any related installations.
  • The metering unit for the power fee is one hour. Caruna Oy’s and Caruna Espoo Oy’s power fee is decided according to the monthly peak power. The power fee is charged at the minimum level of 40 kW for low voltage and at the minimum level of 200 kW for medium voltage.
  • The reactive power fee is based on the monthly reactive peak power, less 20% of the amount of active power during the same month.