Electricity tax and tax categories

The taxes included in your electricity bill are the electricity tax and value-added tax, which Caruna will collect at the same time as the electricity distribution rates.

Tax categories

Electricity tax as from 1 January 2021

Tax category 1: 2.79372 cents/kWh (incl. VAT at 24%)
Tax category 2: 0.07812 cents/kWh (incl. VAT at 24%)

Change tax category

Our customers are automatically placed in electricity tax category 1, unless they have told us otherwise. Companies must contact the Tax Administration to find out whether their operations are entitled to tax category 2.

Tax category 2 is meant for industrial companies and the growing of commercial greenhouse crops that comply with the Act on excise duty on electricity. If the Tax Administration has confirmed that you are entitled to the lower tax category 2, please inform us in writing.

Change tax category by filling in forms which you can find on our Finnish website.