Changing your fuse size

The right fuse size ensures that the fuse will not blow unnecessarily, even when all your electrical devices are switched on at the same time. An electricity contractor will be able to determine the right fuse size for your property, change the fuse holders and fuses as necessary, and contact your electricity distribution company on your behalf. When we receive notice of any fuse size change, we will be able to set a new distribution product for your contract.

The main fuse size cannot exceed your connection rights. To check your connection rights, see your connection contract or contact our Customer Service department.

If your fuse size increases, you should check whether your connection rights also need to be changed. If the fuses you currently have are too large for your electricity use, you should consider swapping them for a smaller size. You will also notice the change in the distribution price you pay.

If your electricity connection has to be increased, please contact your electricity contractor.

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