A connection from us, electricity from somewhere else

Order the new electricity connection in time, because its construction can take as long as three months.
Sign the contract and return it to us.
When you have concluded a connection contract, also conclude a contract with your selected electricity supplier.

An electricity connection is your ticket to the electricity network

When you have an electricity connection, you can conclude an electricity contract. We are happy to help you with matters relating to electricity connections and site electricity already at the start of your construction project. From us, you can also get additional information about electricity products most suitable for you as well as about possibilities for the use of electricity.

1. First, chart the need for electricity

Evaluate your consumption behaviour and your property's need for electric power so that you can find the most suitable connection size and electricity distribution product. Also consider when the supply of electricity should start. If you need help, our customer service is happy to advise you.

2. Select the electrical designer and electricity contractor

When you have decided what kinds of electrical devices you will need in your home, contact a professional electrical designer. He or she will also need a ground plan and the floor plans for the building.

In addition to the designer, you will need an electricity contractor approved by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). The contractor ensures that your property is electrified safely and correctly. You can search for an electrician for example in the Virtane service, where the electricians approved near you are listed.

You should always conclude the contract in writing. Also prepare a preliminary schedule for coordinating the electrical and construction works. If there are electricity lines or cables on your plot that you would like to have moved, please contact our customer service.

3. Conclude the connection contract in good time

For your property to be connected to the electricity network, you will need a written connection contract. The easiest way to conclude it is by filling in an order form. It may take three months for an electricity contract to be completed, or even more if there is not a finished electricity network nearby.

  • Also attach a ground plan or a map image showing the borders of your plot and in the case of connections in excess of 3 x 63 amperes, the future location of the switchboard.
  • When we have received your order, we will send you the connection contract together with its terms. The connection contract takes effect when you and we have signed it.
  • You can sign the contract by hand or electronically. If you sign the contract electronically, you will get the connection contract and its terms to your email address. Confirm the contract with your online banking credentials.
  • Order a metering centre to electrify your building. Ask more from your electricity contractor.

4. Conclude an electricity contract

In addition to the connection contract, you will need an electricity network contract and an electricity contract. You can take care of both via the electricity supplier. When you have concluded the electricity contract, the electricity supplier will transmit the information about it to us and we will deliver the electricity network contract to you. You can compare electricity suppliers for example in the Energy Authority's online service www.sahkonhinta.fi (available in Finnish or Swedish).

Ask your electricity contractor to read our contractor instructions carefully. They include information about installation inspections, delivery of electricity and energy metering, among other things.

Your contractor must order the activation of the network connection in good time, at least two weeks before the desired activation date. The order is made using a general information form.

If your connection point is a combination cabinet delivered by Caruna, the metering request form does not need to be sent to Caruna.

Your contractor also takes care of the following matters:

  • Digging the cable ditch required for the connection cable, installing the connection cable and covering the cable ditch.
  • Depending on the network area, contact either kaivulupa.fi, Espoo City Surveying Unit or Joensuu area cable markings if the contractor wants to ensure that there is no Caruna underground cable on the site.
  • If necessary, acquisition of a meter reading centre.
  • Earthing required by the Finnish Electrical Safety Act. Carry out the necessary electrical installation work and ensure compliance with their safety regulations.
  • Commissioning inspection in accordance with electrical safety regulations.
  • If necessary, order a connection to the electricity network and connect the building to the electricity network after the statutory commissioning inspection has been carried out.

We will start your electricity connection's design and construction work when we have received the connection contract signed by you.

If there is a meter reading centre installed by a contractor at your property, the contractor performs the mandatory commissioning inspection and delivers the metering request form (general information form) to us. Then, we will install an electric meter at the site and finally connect the connection cable's voltage.

Connection to the electricity network usually takes two weeks from us receiving a metering request from your contractor.

If your connection point is a combination cabinet delivered by us, the metre is already installed in it. In this case, your electricity contractor does not need to send us a metering request form.

We are happy to answer all your questions about electricity connections.

Electricity connections are priced according to the zone. The prices of electricity connections can be found in the connection fee price list.