Electricity connection rates

You need an electricity connection to connect to the electricity network, for the network to extend to the border of your plot, and to use an electric meter.

Your connection fee covers the costs incurred from the construction of medium or low voltage networks and secondary substations up to the connection point of the distribution network. The connection point is determined in the connection contract, and is usually located on the border of the plot or construction site.

Other factors affecting the connection price include the main fuse size and the connection zone, i.e. the distance to the nearest 20 kilovolt cable or secondary substation.

Please see below for information on how connection zones are determined. For electricity connection prices, see the rates at the bottom of this page. Choose your rates according to the network area where your metering point is located: Caruna Oy or Caruna Espoo Oy.

Delivery times when you receive a connection quote

Our Customer Service department can give you a connection quote over the phone for most of the areas where a zone rate has been set.

If we require further information about your site, however, you will normally receive a quote within a month. For example, we may need information on the connections, medium voltage connections, and industrial connections located on zones 2+ and 3 (see the zoning below), or situations where long sections of the network must be strengthened.


We use zone pricing to set the electricity connection rates. A connection zone is determined by the distance to the nearest 20 kilovolt line or secondary substation.

Detailed information about zoning criteria and descriptions of each zone can be found below.

Connection zones in Caruna Espoo Oy's network area:

Connection zones in Caruna Oy's network area:

Zone 1

  • Maximum distance of 300 metres measured in a direct line from the connection point to the constructed 20 kilovolt (kV) cable (excluding underwater cables).
  • Zone 1 always applies to urban areas covered by a city plan. On shore plan areas, the zone pricing is based on distance.

Zone 2

  • Maximum main fuse size of 3x63 A.
  • Distance of 300 to 600 metres measured in a direct line from the connection point to an existing 20 kilovolt (kV) cable (excluding underwater cables).

Zone 2+

  • Only applicable to Caruna Oy’s network area.
  • Maximum main fuse size of 3x35 A.
  • The distance from the connection point to an existing 20 kilovolt (kV) cable is over 600 metres measured in a direct line, but not more than 800 metres from an existing secondary substation.
  • Zone 2+ pricing is not applicable if the usual network solutions are not available for building the network. Such situations include having to cross railways and motorways, factories, underwater cables or other difficult waterway crossings, and similar obstructions.

Zone 3

  • Zone 3 pricing is applied to low voltage connections that do not meet the criteria for zones 1, 2, or 2+.
  • In zone 3, the connection fee is determined on a case-by-case basis, and in the case of more than one customer being connected at the same time, an area price is quoted.

Area specific price

  • Area specific pricing includes other than low voltage connections within zones 1, 2, 2+ or 3. The connection fee is calculated case by case and is affected by the number of connecting parties.

Temporary distribution rate

We collect a fee for a temporary electricity connection in accordance with our rates. The fee covers metering, as well as the connection and disconnection of a site/temporary centre (one cable).

For temporary distribution, you will be using the General distribution product, and your normal basic fee will be doubled. A temporary connection is always made for a fixed term, without a separate connection contract. The maximum contract term is two years.