Electrical works

Electrical works

Changes to electricity network

For information on electrical works affecting the network, please go to the Finnish or Swedish sections on our website, or get in touch with our Customer Service

Electric meter

In Finland, nearly all electric meters can be read remotely. In practice, this means that you don’t have to give us your meter readings, because they are sent to our systems from the meter using a data connection. With remote reading, invoicing is based on real-time electricity use.

How to read your electric meter

A: The small symbol, T1 or T2, indicates the meter currently in use.

B: You can change the meter view by pressing the screen change button:

T0 indicates general electricity consumption, i.e. the number of kilowatt hours (kWh).
T1 indicates the daytime or winter daytime consumption as two-rate hour metering.
T2 indicates consumption at night or during some other time as two-rate hour metering.
AIKA indicates the time now.
PVM indicates today’s date.
TARF indicates the electricity distribution product currently in use, i.e. the tariff.

C: Load management relay on/off indicator.

D: Red lights blink according to the consumption.

Disconnect electricity from your meter when going away

If you want to ensure that all your electrical devices are switched off while you are away, disconnect electricity using the meter’s 0 button. Do not use your home’s main switch to disconnect electricity because it switches off the electric meter’s data connection. If the connection is disabled, the meter cannot send us data about disturbances, such as power cuts. By disconnecting electricity using the meter’s 0 button, your electricity bill will be based on accurate electricity consumption.

The blue indicator light is switched on when electricity is disconnected. Your data connection remains on. The indicator light switches off when you turn electricity on by pressing the I button. When carrying out electrical works, such as changing a fuse, electricity must be disconnected from the main switch, in accordance with the electrical safety regulations.