Deactivating a connection

When should you deactivate or temporarily suspend your connection?

When should you deactivate or temporarily suspend your connection?

You should deactivate your electricity connection when you no longer need electricity, i.e. none of the connected buildings need electricity any longer. Before deactivating a connection, ensure that electricity really is not required at any time. For example, when a plot is sold, the new owner may be planning a newbuild, which will need electricity later.

The electricity connection is suspended temporarily, i.e. changed to maintenance, when you do not need electricity at the moment but this may change in the future. When the connection status is changed to maintenance, the connection is able to use electricity and the connection contract remains in force. Electricity connections are usually changed to maintenance when electricity will not be used for several years, for example in an empty house if the owners are not sure about its future use.

Who can request for changes to a connection?

You can request for a connection to be changed to maintenance or deactivated if you own the property or the electricity connection, or you hold a letter of attorney given by the owner. If the connection has more than one owner, we will require written authorisation by all owners. If necessary, we will ask you to send us a letter of attorney before the connection is changed to maintenance.

An electricity connection status cannot be changed to maintenance or deactivated if some of the metering points, such as a tenant, has a valid electricity contract.

For further information about deactivating a connection, please see the Finnish or Swedish sections of our website, or contact our Customer Service.