Contract terms and conditions

We comply with the contract terms and conditions recommended by Finnish Energy. The contract terms and conditions recommended by Finnish Energy provide clear guidelines for agreements between a customer and an electricity distribution company. We always comply with the contract terms and conditions provided when concluding connection and network service contracts.

Terms and conditions for network service

If your metering point is located within Caruna's network areas, we conclude an electricity distribution network service contract.

Terms and conditions for network connections

If you own an electricity connection within Caruna's network areas, the terms & conditions for network connections are applicable to your connection contract.

Terms and conditions for electricity production

The terms and conditions for electricity generation connections are attached to the connection contract. The terms and conditions are applicable in a situation where electricity generation equipment owned by the connecting party or a third party on the side of the connecting party is connected to the electricity network and operates in parallel with the distribution network in such a way that the electricity generated can in part or in full be fed into the distribution network. In the above-mentioned cases, an electricity generation network service contract concerning the supply of electricity must be concluded and a separate contract concluded for possible purchase of electricity.

Terms and conditions for connection and network service for a high-voltage distribution network

These terms and conditions are appended to a connection and network service contract for a high-voltage distribution network.

Terms of electricity supply

These general terms of contract shall be applied to the supply of electricity to the electricity user who has been connected to a distribution