Order a new electricity connection

How to order a new electricity connection

  • Please call our customer service to either get a quote for an electricity connection, or to order a new connection for your plot.
  • Attach the layout or a map that shows your site and the boundaries for your plot, as well as the requested location for your new electric switchboard for connections over 3x63A.
  • Once we have received your form, we will send you a connection contract and the terms & conditions for your network connection. The connection contract shall enter into force after it has been signed by both the connecting party and the network operator.
  • You can sign the contract by hand or use an electronic signature. If you choose an electronic signature, please add your email address to ‘Additional information’. We will then send you a link to your contract and you can confirm the contract using your personal online banking credentials. If you use an electronic signature, you will receive your contract and the terms by email.
  • If the connection point specified in your connection contract is a combination cabinet provided by Caruna, you don’t need to order a separate meter reading centre from your contractor, as the combination cabinet is also a meter reading centre. Please, remember to sign an electricity contract with the electricity retailer of your choice. Please read more about combination cabinets.