We are raising our distribution fees as from 1 March 2016


18.01.2016 at 12:14
Our electricity distribution network requires constant maintenance and development. We on the other hand are committed to improve the reliability of electricity supply for our customers in all our network areas. Hence we invest approximately 200 MEUR annually in improving our network and we will continue to invest in order to reduce power cuts now and in the future.

Due to the large investment projects improving the reliability of our electricity network, we are raising our electricity distribution fees as from March this year. The price increase effects the total (incl. tax) on distribution bill with an average of 27% within Caruna Oy’s network area and 22 % within Caruna Espoo Oy’s network area. Our customers will receive a letter by post by the end of January, in which we explain the increase in our fees more in detail. A pricelist for our network services is sent as an attachment to the letter.

Our investment projects improve the network as well as the reliability of electricity supply

Our investment projects have a huge impact on the reliability of electricity supply for our customers. More than half of all power cuts are caused by storms, thunder and trees that fall over powerlines as a result of heavy snowfall. Due to heavy weather conditions, we are now developing our electricity network according to a faster schedule. We aim to secure that we will as soon as possible be able to switch the electricity back on after a power cut within the target limits set by the Electricity Market Act. According to the Electricity Market Act we need to be able to do this within 6 h in urban areas and 36 h in rural areas by year 2028.

Energy Authority monitors levels for reasonable pricing

The Electricity Market Act regulates all electricity network companies and their operations. The aim of the law is to secure a reliable electricity supply for consumers and a chance to continuous development of business for the network operator. Energy Authority (EA) issue permits to electricity industry professionals. In addition, the authority monitors and regulates the reasonableness of all pricing for electricity distribution.

By clicking the link at the bottom of this page you will be directed to a page describing our distribution prices more in detail (only in finnish).

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