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17.05.2019 at 11:00
It was a warm summer day about a decade ago when my husband and I got the brilliant idea to start building our own house. There was nothing strange about it, as many Finns make the same decision, even today. However, with hindsight, many things could have been conveniently tendered out online: the energy system selection, solar panel suppliers and electrical works.

In the turbulence of building, finding new solutions seemed laborious. We applied the traditional method and got the project finished. However, we were left wondering whether something new and even innovative might have been implemented if we had had time and one place to find information.

A huge amount of new technology is currently available to builders, from heating to electrifying your home. However, the information is scattered. The marketplace for energy operators is an initiative for the production of renewable energy by solar panels for both new home builders and renovators. Electricity contractors are easy to find, and so is tendering out electricity suppliers. Solutions for charging electric cars are available reliably.

Mitigate climate change and become a solar power producer

The transition and digitalisation of the energy sector is changing the sector, and Caruna aims to bring new services to its customers to make their everyday lives easier. Caruna Marketplace is one example of such a service. We want to promote the use of clean energy with our service partners and enable our customers to generate their own electricity to mitigate climate change. The Marketplace provides a forum for networking, exchanging opinions, evaluating suppliers, and finding the right and most suitable solution for you.

If there had been a comprehensive service of comparison opportunities and user comments or tips, I would have been able to select new technology solutions for my home. From experience, I can now say that building a home is not just about browsing interior decor magazines or strolling through furniture stores. It involves quite a few choices even before any visible tiles or sockets, not to mention energy systems.

Luckily, my father was a major support, diligent promoter of work and data bank in our important project. Now Caruna Marketplace acts as a data bank on energy issues. Welcome to explore the new service (in Finnish)!

Elisa Säiläkivi

Elina Säiläkivi, Development Manager

Twitter: @ElinaSailakivi

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