The reliability of electricity supply and responsible procurement practices key factors in Caruna’s operations


29.03.2016 at 13:20
The reliability and safety of electricity supply, environmental responsibility, responsible procurement, employee well-being as well as impacts on customers and the society are the key themes of Caruna’s corporate responsibility. Caruna, Finland’s largest electricity transmission company, releases its first report which describes Caruna’s achievements in these areas as well as the company’s key financial figures.

As a trustworthy company with a considerable societal responsibility, Caruna wants to report on its activities on a wider basis. Therefore Caruna Report 2015 covers not only Caruna’s financial results but also the company’s activities in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines.

Caruna listens to its stakeholders

- In summer and autumn 2015, we started off by conducting the materiality process according to GRI G4 guidelines. We asked our stakeholders about their expectations towards Caruna as well as their views on the most important impacts of our operations, describes Henna Tuominen, Head of Communications.

The stakeholder surveys included the following groups: business customers, consumer customers, contractors and other partners, municipal decision-makers, government authorities, regional administrations, rescue departments, universities, industry associations and Caruna personnel. 

On the basis of the stakeholder surveys and internal workshops, the focus areas of Caruna’s corporate responsibility were defined. These are: reliability of supply, safety, environmental responsibility, responsible procurement, employee well-being, customer orientation and societal responsibility. These themes are taken into account in reviewing and developing Caruna’s operations as well as in target setting and reporting.

Reliability of electricity supply critical for the entire society

Caruna is expected to deliver reliable, safe and high-quality electricity to its customers and the whole society.

- Customers and other stakeholders expect undisturbed and high-quality electricity supply. This demands Caruna to make extensive investments aimed at improving the reliability of supply as well as preparedness for exceptional conditions and quick fault repair, says Caruna’s CEO Ari Koponen

Additionally, the new demands posed by the Electricity Market Act require Caruna to invest heavily in the company’s nearly 80,000 kilometer long electricity network.

Caruna invests about MEUR 200 annually into improving the reliability of supply in all of the company’s network areas. In 2015 investments amounted to MEUR 173. A better network is accomplished through cabling and management of adjacent forest areas along power line corridors. 

The electricity network is part of the society’s most integral infrastructure. As the largest distribution network operator in Finland, Caruna is considered a critical company for the security of supply. Security of supply means the ability to handle disturbances and states of crisis with a minimum amount of special arrangements and damage. Caruna is prepared to maintain its ability to supply electricity on the current supply security level, even during a longer state of crisis. 

Significant role in society

Caruna is a considerable buyer of services, work and materials. Caruna sets strict demands on suppliers already in the bidding phase to find trustworthy and responsible partners. The procurement process is steered by the Public Procurement Act.

Caruna’s network improvement program has significant impacts on regional employment conditions. In 2015, Caruna employed directly approximately 2,000 people and indirectly some 4,000 people. 

In material procurement, special emphasis is placed on quality and environmental friendliness of materials. In August 2015 Caruna signed a service contract with Kuusakoski Oy for the transport and processing of dismantled materials. This partnership helps Caruna achieve a 100%-recycling rate for dismantled materials in the future.

Customer satisfaction surveyed regularly

Caruna listens carefully to its customers’ expectations. Reliable, safe and high-quality electricity supply is the most important expectation of customers. Also, non-discrimination of customers, reasonable pricing and good customer service are of importance. Caruna has responded to these expectations by, for example, major investments to the electricity network, setting up its own customer service, regular discussions with the Energy Authority and frequent customer satisfaction surveys.

Successful business also requires competent, healthy and satisfied personnel. In 2015 Caruna enhanced the employees’ occupational well-being and health by various measures relating to occupational health services, opportunities for physical exercise, and general well-being at work. In addition, emphasis has been put on engaging our employees by actively communicating strategy and goals.

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