Prepare for thunder and power cuts during the summer

Prepare for thunder and power cuts during the summer

During summer you get thunder every now and then, which makes it sensible to prepare for potential faults that thunderstorms can cause. Thunder can damage equipment that is connected to an electricity or phone network, especially in rural areas. The cheapest way to protect your computer, home electronics and phone is to unplug the equipment from any direct power supply. Antennas, phone and internet cables should also be unplugged.

If you live in a rural area or in a separate house you will be wise to get an overhead earth wire and a voltage drop protector for the plugs at home.

In case you wish to make sure that any power cuts don’t affect your continuous electricity supply you should purchase a UPS system to protect your computer, home electronics and other sensitive technology. A UPS system filters any disturbances so that data can be stored and equipment switched off safely during a power cut. In case an uninterruptable power supply is absolutely necessary for you, we recommend you get a reserve power supply like an aggregate or a tractor-driven aggregate.

Normally any fault that occurs during thunder is caused by for example trees falling over power lines. Lightning that strike during thunder and even break transformers, which alternate voltage from low power to full power. Thunder can in other words cause both long and short-term power cuts.

At Caruna we like to be well prepared for thunderstorms so we follow weather forecasts around the clock.

If you live within Caruna’s distribution area you may order the updates on power cuts directly to your mobile. This service called Caruna Sähkövahti is free of charge. Follow these instructions on our webpage to get access to the service.

On our website you may follow fault situations.

More information:

The Caruna Power Cut Map
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Report a faulty situation by calling: 0800 195011 (24h)
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