New energy for housing companies: shared solar panels reduce electricity invoices for housing companies and residents


07.01.2021 at 09:46
In the future, housing companies will be able to deploy shared solar panels even more easily. At the turn of the year, electricity distribution company Caruna will introduce the Solar community service to housing companies located in its network areas, which will enable housing companies and residents to reduce their electricity invoices. Shared solar panels also save the environment.

The service is free of charge for housing companies and their residents.

"Now more than ever, it’s worth acquiring solar panels for the entire housing company. With the change in legislation that takes effect at the turn of the year, a common solar panel system for the housing company – Solar community – is possible. The savings are reflected in the electricity invoice of every resident, not just the housing company," says Juha Olkkonen, Project Manager at Caruna.


A sunny housing company utilises solar energy efficiently

In the Solar community, the production of solar panels is allocated after the consumption of property electricity to the use of residents. The housing company can sell any unused production by residents back to the electricity market. The transmission of solar power to Caruna's electricity network is free of charge.

"Renewable energy is the choice of the future. A sunny housing company promotes the growth of the use of solar energy and makes responsible choices to combat the effects of climate change. At the same time, the image and value of the housing company increase," Juha Olkkonen estimates.

The housing company can set up the solar community as soon as the solar panels are operational. A preliminary decision on the community should be made already at the planning stage, as this will allow solar power to cover a larger part of the housing company's electricity needs. 

Setting up a solar community is easy

The establishment of a solar community is easily done as a self-service in the Virtane service, and can be taken care of by, for example, the property manager or another person authorised by the housing company. The solar community will start automatically, and the housing company will receive its output reports in the Virtane service, and residents in the Caruna+ mobile app.

Housing companies can set up a sunny housing company when the amendment comes into force on 1 January 2021.

Read more in the Virtane service on how to set up a sunny housing company.

Virtane service webpage (in Finnish)

Further information: Juha Olkkonen, Project Manager, Caruna, tel. +358 40 669 0440

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