If you are heating with electricity: do your wallet and the climate a service with electrical load control!


12.01.2021 at 09:00
Caruna's customers were given a golden opportunity to manage the start-up schedules of electrical devices, such as water boilers. This brings relief to the electricity invoice, as devices can be turned on during the cheapest hours of electricity. At the same time, the customer inadvertently does a service to the climate.
The free electrical load control service was developed in response to our customers' desire to utilise the night more efficiently in the use of electrical devices, when both the electricity distribution fee and exchange electricity are usually inexpensive.
'If, for example, your water boiler needs four hours of heating time a day, heating should be set to start after midnight,' says Ossi Juujärvi, Project Manager at Caruna.
Utilising night hours for heating is also a small act for the environment. During the night, less carbon dioxide-generating fuels are used in electricity production, meaning the heating reduces the burden on the environment.

The load control service is one way to influence your own electricity invoice

The service is especially beneficial for customers who use night and seasonal distribution and who buy exchange electricity. Solar power producers will also have the opportunity to make better use of their own production.
'We want to offer our customers the opportunity to influence their own electricity invoice, and the load control service is one way to do that. I also believe that solar power producers are happy about the opportunity to use the electricity produced on sunny days, for example to heat domestic water during the day.'
For our customers who have a time-of-day electricity distribution product or devices already connected to the electric meter, load control is not a new thing. These customers have heard a “click” from the switchboard as a sign that the electrical load has switched on. 
'Sometimes it is mistakenly thought that the click means the start of night electricity. Night electricity for our customers always starts at 10 pm and ends at 7 am.'

Customers can take the driver's seat and control their settings themselves

Until now, the electrical load has been switched on between 10 pm and midnight, according to the schedule set by Caruna. This will now change, as expected.
'The customer can choose the load control schedule from a wider range than at present and make more efficient use of the cheap hours of the night. The choice is made in the Caruna+ app.'
There are several options for different user groups. You can read more about the options and user groups on our website.

If the load control cables are not connected, call an electrician for assistance

If you are interested in control, but your electric meter does not have load control cables connected, contact your electricity contractor. 
Your electrician will make the necessary installations from the equipment to the electric meter and notify Caruna when the installation is complete. After this, Caruna's contractor will come and connect load control. We will charge a fee for the change in accordance with the service price list.

This is how to make changes to the load control schedule

  1. Make sure you have the load control cables connected.
  2. Choose the right load control group for you from the Caruna+ app. If you do not already have Caruna+ on your phone, download it from the app store.
  3. Track the change in consumption in the energy monitoring service.
  4. If necessary, change your load control group.
In semi-detached and row houses, load control can be implemented centrally via a single meter. In this case, the residents must agree on the change of the control times together.
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