Helicopter saw to fly over Espoo and Kirkkonummi between 25.3-18.4


18.03.2019 at 15:15
Caruna will be sawing branches surrounding electric lines using a helicopter operated electric saw. The regular trimming of branches surrounding electric lines reduces the risk of power cuts and improves the quality of electricity distribution.

The helicopter saw can be seen in different parts of Espoo and Kirkkonummi. The area in which the helicopter saw operates is outside Kehä III, from Korpilampi to Veikkola via Evitskog to Upinniemi. The work starts on Monday 25.3 and ends on Thursday 18.4.

As the bird nesting period starts in the beginning of April, the helicopter saw will operate first at nature reserves such as in Nuuksio, Oittaa and the coastal areas.

We want to protect the birds nesting period as well as we can by avoiding disturbances in the nesting areas, Caruna's maintenance manager Petteri Palmumaa explains.

Operating locations are around the darkened area on the map. You may zoom in on the map if you wish to.

Sawing trees is an essential part of the overall maintenance of electric lines and the helicopter saw is an efficient machine, when used under the right conditions. These conditions could be for example trimming branches on the top of trees.

The sawing operation will be carried out by our partner Heliwest. The operation is directed towards medium voltage overhead lines, which have three conductors and the voltage level is 20 kilovolts. In the image below, you can see a helicopter sawing branches next to a typical medium voltage overhead line with three conductors.

Heliwest sawing in March 2018, in Espoo. Picture: Caruna

If for some reason the sawing cannot be performed using the helicopter saw, the area near the electric line will be cleared in another way. For example, the area below the overhead electric lines will be cleared manually.

The branches, twigs and other scraps left behind are the property of the landowner. In public areas and yards, such as parks, the remains will be piled neatly. In other locations, they will be left to remain in the environment, so that the landowner can make good use of them. We do not leave remains on roads, paths, fields, fences or hanging off the trees.

In addition to the helicopter, there will be electricians present at the operating scene who might walk on the landowner's land. The electrician's job is to ensure that the helicopter saw is operated safely and that the remains are cleared if necessary. Electricians will also fix electric wires if needed.

To ensure safety, we advise to keep a 90-meter distance from the saw, when the sawing is in progress. The use of unmanned aircraft or drones is strictly prohibited near the operating area.

The operation might cause short power cuts in the areas nearby.

For more information on the helicopter sawing, please contact Heliwest:

Dick Lindholm, 040 552 2122, dick.lindholm(a)heliwest.fi
Jan-Erik Luther, 040 716 9692, jan-erik.luther(a)heliwest.fi

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