In the first week of October, Caruna will analyse the condition of the electricity network at night in various parts of Espoo


05.10.2021 at 09:11
In the first week of October, beginning Monday 4 October, you may see Caruna's vans on the move at night in various parts of Espoo. The vans carry a device that monitors Caruna's low-voltage electricity network and indicates any network faults it detects. Similar studies have previously been conducted in the United States, Canada and various parts of Europe. The technology is now being put to the test in Finland for the first time.

You may see the van at night, between 11 pm and 5 am, in any of five parts of Espoo. Leppävaara-Perkkaa will be examined first, then Näkinkylä-Blominmäki-Mikkelä, then Otaniemi-Tapiola, the fourth area is Eestinmalmi-Eestinlaakso, and the final area is Karakallio.

The device in the van identifies electric fields and determines whether there are any faults in the electricity network. If any are found, a mark will be made on the ground, and Caruna will investigate the root cause. The results of the study will also be used to draw up the network refurbishment programme and improve the network's energy efficiency.

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