Electricity tax raised at the beginning of 2015

Electricity tax raised at the beginning of 2015

The Finnish parliament has accepted a proposition of changes to the Finnish taxation laws, which include a raise of the electricity tax.

In taxation category nr. 1, which majority of all electricity consumers belong to, the electricity tax is raised with 0.43 cents (incl. VAT 24 %) per kWh. After the raise, the total for electricity tax in category nr 1 will be 2.7937 cents (incl. VAT 24 %) per kWh as from 1 January.                                         

Taxation category nr. 2, which regards industrial enterprises and green house enterprises, the electricity tax will remain as before. The mining industry will be moved into category 1.

Examples of raised electricity tax and their effect on private households:

Form of living

Annual use of electricity

Amount raised

Apartmentbuilding flats​

​2 000 kWh

​0.7 €/month

​Detached house or townhouse

​5 000 kWh

​1.8 €/month

​Detached house, electrical heating

​18 000 kwh

​6.5 €/month

Electricity tax as from 1 Jan 2015, taxation category 1: 2.7937 c/kWh, incl. VAT 24 %. *

*) Price before the raise in category 1: 2.3597 c/kWh, incl. VAT 24 %

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