Developing a corporate safety culture is a joint effort – You matter


11.10.2019 at 12:09
Safety can be approached from many angles. Last summer, I attended a wedding in Poland. A big part of the ceremony consisted of filling in and signing a document that proved that the couple were now married under Polish law.

The document was signed by the leaders of the ceremony, the bride and groom, and witnesses, after which it was presented to the guests. In the world of work, I’ve also encountered this same approach, where filling in a document is more important than what you are actually doing. It’s easy to forget why the document is completed in the first place.

Caruna’s attitude towards safety is different – safety culture is embedded in our corporate culture

You can’t dictate a corporate culture, but you can develop it by acting systematically, reviewing and agreeing with the employees what is expected of them and what they expect of the company. Agreed targets and actions should be clearly communicated to personnel, and agreements should be kept.

Caruna’s safety operations are guided by one overarching goal: to prevent all accidents, since even one accident is one too many. Everybody matters, you matter. With this goal in mind, we determined to whom this applies, where we are at the moment and what we should do to get where we want to be.

A safety ecosystem includes the entire supply chain

Caruna’s ecosystem covers not only Caruna employees but also the entire supply chain from the delivery of materials to their installation, use and maintenance and, finally, the dismantling of the old network. That is why our goal applies to us all – to the entire ecosystem.

In spring 2019, the level of Caruna’s safety culture was measured together with DuPont Sustainable Solutions by means of a survey and observations. Placed on the Bradley Curve, our safety culture is at the middle of the four-stage scale. This means that we have appropriate guidelines and requirements, we comply with laws and regulations, and our management is highly committed to safety. However, we lack a shared passion to also act safely when no one is watching and will never know.

How can we reach our goal? We need to make our goal more clear, train people to do right when we meet each other, be able to give and receive feedback and be thankful for it. 

I’m sure they also care in Poland. Detailed instructions and doing it by the book are part of the culture. In our culture, complying with legislation is only the minimum level, not the main thing. There are no perfect laws or instructions that would cover all possible scenarios. For this reason, we don’t want to give strict orders and detailed instructions for everything. Instead, we want everyone to think about their own and their team’s work from a safety perspective and understand the rationale behind doing things. We want to work as a team, together. This will take us closer to our goal: Even one accident is one too many, because you matter!

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Arsi Näkki, Head of HSEQ

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