Climate change increases the number of storms and heavy snowfalls, causing power outage – society is increasingly dependent on electricity


17.09.2019 at 12:27
The electricity network is part of society's basic infrastructure, and electricity consumption is predicted to increase by 6 per cent by 2030. Improved weatherproofing is essential for Finland to be able to meet future energy needs, such as the increased numbers of electric cars and production of renewable energy. This requires the development of a strong and smart electricity network that enables the operation of companies even outside of the busiest areas of Finland and flexible distance work from north to south.

Uninterrupted electricity supply for customers in urban and rural areas must be secured by the end of 2028: power supply must be resumed within 6 hours in urban areas and within 36 hours in sparsely populated areas. 

Reliability of supply is being improved in many ways

Besides underground cabling, one of the things we do to improve our distribution reliability is clearing trees from the proximity of power lines and increasing electricity network automation. We also investigate alternative ways of improving the reliability of supply, such as using accumulators to store electricity in sparsely populated areas. Under the current legislation this is not yet possible for network companies. 

Caruna has two network companies that differ substantially from each other

There are 77 electricity distribution companies in Finland. Caruna Group includes two network companies operating under very different circumstances: Caruna Oy and Caruna Espoo Oy, which operates in urban areas. The length of Caruna Espoo’s network is 36 metres per customer, and the majority of its cabling is already underground. The ongoing network modernisation projects will not affect Caruna Espoo’s electricity distribution prices.

Operating mainly in sparsely populated areas, Caruna Oy is building and modernising its electricity network to be able to secure its customers uninterrupted electricity supply in all conditions. This impacts also Caruna Oy's pricing. Caruna Oy has about 170 meters of network to construct and maintain per customer. 

Caruna Oy's prices will change from 1 November 2019, Caruna Espoo Oy's prices will remain unchanged

The network improvement projects affect Caruna Oy’s pricing, and the company’s electricity distribution prices including tax will increase by 3.9 per cent on average from 1 November 2019. The impact on unit prices excluding tax will be 5.0 per cent on average.

The average impact of the increase on prices including tax will be as follows:

Form of housing, electricity distribution product Annual consumption (kWh) Impact of the increase (€/month)
Apartment building, General distribution 2,000 1.00
Detached or terraced house, General distribution 3x25 A 5,000 2.20
Detached house, electric heating, Night-time distribution 3x25 A 18,000 4.20

You can find the new network service rates on our website. To see how the change will affect you, you can see the impact of the change in energy monitoring in My pages service from 18 September.

You can follow the progress of Caruna’s network improvement activities on our website.

Customer letters will be sent 18 September 2019 onwards.

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