Caruna’s operations focused on guaranteeing reliable electricity distribution and a safe electricity network in 2016


20.03.2017 at 09:23
Finland’s largest electricity distribution company Caruna focuses on reliability of supply, safety, customer service, responsible sourcing practices, competence and wellbeing of employees, environmental responsibility and the company’s role in society. Published today, Caruna’s Report 2016 outlines the company’s operations in 2016 and describes its governance and management practices.

Electricity networks are an integral part of a society’s infrastructure, and therefore the reliability of electricity distribution is vital to the entire society. Caruna aims to deliver added value to all stakeholders by ensuring that its operations are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.

“The Finnish society and our customers are more dependent on electricity than ever before. The reliability of electricity distribution is a priority, both for the daily lives of our customers and the operations of businesses, organisations and the authorities,” said Caruna’s acting CEO, CFO Jyrki Tammivuori.

“Investment in the security and operational reliability of our network also means investment in ensuring that our society functions effectively. Through our network improvement programme, we also support and promote the security of supply and safety of society,” he added.

As the largest distribution network operator in Finland, Caruna is considered a critical company for the security of supply, which means the ability to handle disturbances and states of crisis with a minimum amount of damage. Caruna is prepared to maintain its ability to supply electricity on the current supply security level even during a longer crisis.

Significant investment in customer experience

Reliability of supply, reasonable pricing and quality of customer service remain the three cornerstones of Caruna’s customer experience. Caruna’s network improvement programme seeks to ensure that the 1.5 million people living in its network areas can access electricity reliably every day.

During 2016, Caruna continued to replace its electricity network by increasing underground cabling to protect the network from adverse weather conditions. EUR 238 million was spent in renovating and improving the electricity network. With the network improvement programme, the number of Caruna’s customers who can now benefit from a medium-voltage underground cable network and more reliable electricity supply increased by 30,000. The availability rate of Caruna’s network service remained at 99.98%.

Last year, Caruna continued to develop the quality of its customer service and its customer focus by investing in the customer service it provides, and on the customer focus of its employees and partners.  As a result, Caruna was rewarded for leadership in customer experience in a survey by Customer Experience Professionals Association™ CXPA Finland.

Meeting occupational safety targets

The improvement of occupational safety is one of Caruna’s key goals. In 2016, the occupational safety of contractors improved with the best result so far. Caruna’s safety management system was certified in accordance with the international safety management standard, OHSAS 18001:2007. Project supervisors and contractors carried out over 2,200 work site inspections and Caruna’s own employees completed nearly 500 safety observation rounds, also referred to as ‘Safety Walks’.

Caruna’s occupational safety investments were also recognised by others: the Zero Accident Forum run by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health assigned Caruna the highest possible category in occupational safety for the second year running. To further promote occupational safety, Caruna gave its second safety award to contractors who excelled in improving safety at work.

“We have achieved excellent results and will continue our efforts to improve safety. Each accident at work involving injury will be investigated and, if necessary, work practices changed to improve safety,” said Mr Tammivuori.

Focus on material sourcing and recycling

Caruna reformed its procurement strategy in 2016. In accordance with the new strategy, key materials are now acquired by Caruna instead of contractors. Material acquisitions are subject to strict requirements right from the time tenders are invited. Underground cables, pad-mounted secondary substations and distribution transformers are the main components of networks.

Caruna extended its material recycling agreement with Kuusakoski. All materials dismantled from networks are recycled. For example, aluminium is melted and cast into ingots for reuse. Caruna also pledged to improve its energy efficiency by continuing to the next period of the national Energy Efficiency Agreement from 2017 to 2025.

Caruna reports on its corporate responsibility for the second time

The report complies with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines. The sections on governance and management practices and on financial reporting have been extended in the 2016 report.

“Our corporate responsibility programme was among the first things we started building up during Caruna’s first full year of operation. As Caruna plays a significant role in society, we wanted to communicate about our operations transparently and openly,” says Head of Communications Henna Tuominen, responsible for developing Caruna’s corporate responsibility.

“We are continuing to evolve Caruna’s corporate responsibility, and will integrate the programme more seamlessly into our operations,” said Mr Tammivuori.

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