Carunas first training for network electricians, tailored for electricity professionals, will start in May


25.05.2020 at 14:13
The training programme called Kärkiryhmä (Top Team) will start on 25 May 2020. Electricity distribution company Caruna, Barona and Sedu Education will in collaboration implement training for network electricians. The training will enable electricity network contractors get professionals with targeted training into their ranks.

A total of more than one hundred people applied for the training, 10 of which were selected for the training. Barona coordinated the recruitment process for those selected for the training.

- The training collaboration with Caruna will significantly improve the availability of skilled personnel in electricity network construction. The applicants for the Kärkiryhmä training represented a wide range of expertise in the electricity sector. We are very pleased with the interest shown in the training programme, says Markku Leinonen, Business Director at Barona.

Four companies (N3M Power Oy Ab, Nordic Electro Power Oy, Exsane Oy, Despro Engineering Oy) will employ the people selected for the Kärkiryhmä training via Barona.

The training starts with distance learning on 25 May and shifts to contact teaching in Seinäjoki on 3 June

Sedu Education is responsible for the first weeks of training. The training will continue on the training track of the Tampere Adult Education Centre for two weeks by getting acquainted with practicing electricity network installations and connections. After this, the team members will have the skills to work safely as trainees on a construction or demolition site of the electricity network, and they will transfer to practicing on site in network construction companies after Midsummer.

- The prevailing conditions do not jeopardise the safe implementation of the training programme. We have compiled comprehensive guidelines for contact teaching sessions. Participants and instructors can safely participate in the Kärkiryhmä training programme, says Joona Aro, Business Manager at Sedu Education Oy.

The team members will return to school in the autumn. The training programme is prepared to continue teaching safely, even if the exceptional circumstances continue. The training will be completed in October 2020.

- In the training programme starting now, electricians are trained to be competent in both theory and practice. Those graduating from the Kärkiryhmä programme will get to construct and maintain the backbone of modern society, says Tommi Saikkonen, Head of HR at Caruna.


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