Caruna's CEO Ari Koponen is resigning

Caruna's CEO Ari Koponen is resigning

Caruna's CEO Ari Koponen has handed in his resignation and Caruna has initiated the search for a new CEO. Caruna’s CFO Jyrki Tammivuori is acting as the CEO during this transition time. Koponen will stay with Caruna until the end of this year.

The Chairman of Caruna's Board, Juha Laaksonen, thanks Ari Koponen for his role during Caruna's crucial formation stage: “Ari's input was considerable while Caruna was being established as an independent company and the operations launched. His extensive experience from the business has proved invaluable to us. As Caruna became an independent operator, the vast network improvement initiative and investments into the reliability of the supply of energy in Finland gained a new level of magnitude.”

“This has been a wonderful experience for me. The opportunity to establish and manage this type of a company is unique, and it has been great to be involved in creating something new. I have full confidence in Caruna's ability to secure the reliability of supply for our customers in the future. After a careful assessment of our current situation, we all considered this moment a suitable time in the development of the company for a new CEO to take the reins”, Ari Koponen states.

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