Caruna reduces the price of electricity distribution in Caruna Espoo Oy’s network area


20.09.2021 at 13:45
Customer prices will decrease by an average of 2.5 per cent as of 1 November 2021. The average impact on prices excluding tax will be 5 per cent. The price reduction will apply to approximately 226,000 customers in Caruna Espoo Oy’s network area (Espoo, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi and the centre of Joensuu).

The network in the area has been largely modernised, and the costs of the network are shared by an increasing number of customers. Caruna Espoo has an electricity network measuring 36 metres per customer, and its investments in 2020 amounted to 95 euros per customer. Caruna Espoo's electricity distribution prices are among the lowest in Finland. 

 Although the investments in network development will need to continue, the rate of investment per customer is clearly lower than in Caruna's other company, Caruna Oy. This, together with the increasing population of Espoo and falling interest rates, enables a reduction in prices.  

 "In recent years, we have improved the reliability of supply and increased the intelligence of our electricity network to ensure more efficient remote control and fault repairs of the network. In the future, we will focus our investments in Espoo on ensuring sufficient capacity as clean energy solutions become more common in housing, transport and heat production," says Noora Neilimo-Kontio, Head of Regulation and Strategy at Caruna.


The following are examples of changes to prices, including tax, for private customers: 


Type of housing 

Annual usage (kWh) 

Impact of the discount (€/year) 

Apartment building,  

general distribution 



Detached and row houses,  

general distribution 3 x 25 A 



Detached house, electric heating, night-time distribution 3x25 A 



The electricity network is developed and improved to match the increasing electricity consumption of the future. Finnish Energy estimates that electricity consumption will increase by 10–20 per cent by 2030. The energy transition, increasing extreme weather events and capacity needs will demand a new kind of performance from the network. The electricity network, built mainly in the 1960s and 1970s, is not able to meet future needs.  

Caruna Oy’s prices will remain unchanged. 

Caruna Oy's work to improve the electricity network for its 482,000 customers has reached the midway stage.Caruna Oy has an electricity network measuring 168 metres per customer, and its network investments in 2020 amounted to 254 euros per customer.In the future, Caruna Oy's investments will focus on protecting electricity distribution from the weather, as well as facilitating the expansion of renewable energy generation, such as wind farms,increasing demand-side management, and responding to the ageing of the network. 



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