Caruna offers its private customers a free three months' respite for payment and expedites the payment of invoices to contractors


19.03.2020 at 14:00
The option to extend the payment deadline applies to all of Caruna's private customers, around 600,000 in total. By this measure, Caruna wants to do its part in helping to alleviate the financial impacts of the coronavirus epidemic on its customers.

The extension option is available from 19 March to 30 June 2020, and customers are not charged any interest or other fees for the extension when the request is made before the due date of the invoice. Postponement of the payment date should be done in the electronic self-service channel Caruna+ after the customer has received an invoice. The Caruna+ service can be downloaded in an application store, or using the service found on 

- While our customers' daily lives inevitably become more difficult in these exceptional circumstances, we hope to do our share by alleviating their burden a little. The extension of the payment date requires customer action, and the easiest way to do it is signing in to the Caruna+ online service, says Caruna's Head of Customer Relations, Katriina Kalavainen

The customer can apply the extension in the Caruna+ service at any hour of the day. They are free to choose a due date up to 90 days forward. The date must be changed before the due date on the invoice. In Caruna+, customers can subscribe to email or text message updates on electricity distribution as well as other matters. We recommend opting for the free notifications in Caruna+ and while you are there, checking that your contact details are up to date. 

Construction of a weatherproof electricity distribution network continues and brings work for our contractors 

Caruna employs a large number of contractors in its network improvement projects all over Finland.  

- It is important that we continue with the construction of a weatherproof electricity network also in these exceptional circumstances so that we can ensure an uninterrupted electricity supply and for our part, support industrial and commercial activity in our network areas. Of course, we take the health of our customers, our construction partners and our own personnel into account in our activities, because that is now the priority in all we do, says Caruna's Head of Electrical Network, Kosti Rautiainen

The coronavirus epidemic also has an impact on the companies in Caruna's delivery chain, as well as on their finances. Caruna wants to do its part in helping the contractors overcome the financial losses caused by corona by expediating the payment schedule of invoices in the coming months. The contractors do not need to change the due dates of invoices, Caruna takes care of the practical measures.  


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