Caruna Invests MEUR 150 in 2015 to Improve the Reliability of its electricity distribution to clients


28.05.2015 at 10:22
The electricity distribution company Caruna already improved the reliability of its electricity network through investing MEUR 100 in 2014. The company completed its comprehensive projects that aimed to provide 100,000 additional customers in urban areas with a network that even functions in the most severe weather conditions. By replacing strategically important overhead lines with a more reliable network of underground cables and by increasing the automatisation of its existing electricity network.

During the same year, Caruna began to work on an array of extensive projects aiming to improve the electricity distribution to sparsely populated areas in Finland. In its initial phase, the project will be focused on cabling improvements to the medium voltage network. The first project, with a worth of MEUR 60, commenced in May 2014 and it focuses entirely on the Western Finland  Province and Satakunta. In addition, the company entered into similar agreements with Southern Finland, Ostrobothnia and Northern Ostrobothnia. These investments in improvement of the electricity network over the next three years, have totalled MEUR 120.

”Our improved weatherproof electricity network now covers an additional 100,000 customers when compared to 2012. A result we are very pleased with. Our aim to increase the reliability of our existing electricity distribution network, will now continue in sparsely populated areas. During the next few years we will invest heavily in these areas in order to maximize the reliability of electricity distribution. This year alone we are investing MEUR 150 in improving our network, directly employing 1,500 people and indirectly 3,300 people whilst our cabling network will be extended with a total of 2,200 kilometres”, says Ari Koponen, CEO at Caruna.

”In addition to our extensive cabling project we are commencing and continuing extensive work on management of vegetation around power line corridors in order to secure fast electricity distribution. This work enables us to manage 5,000 kilometres of areas around medium voltage network power corridors in our network areas. A large investment of MEUR 10 was made in building a modern electricity distribution centre in Keilaniemi. By investing in this we can secure and meet the future demands for increased electricity distribution that Länsimetro and the urban Keilaniemi and Otaniemi areas will demand”, says Timo Jutila, Head of Asset Management at Caruna.

By improving the network and increasing its protection from damage caused by severe weather, Caruna is able to provide 100,000 new customers with a reliable network. These new customers are located in urban areas at the following locations: Vihti, Kirkkonummi, Raasepori, Espoo, Alavus, Raisio, Siuntio, Teuva, Hyvinkää, Sastamala, Lieto, Kauniainen, Lohja, Kauhajoki, Kurikka, Posio, Kristiinankaupunki, Kaskinen, Kuusamo, Oulu, Pudasjärvi, Pöytyä, Ulvila, Masku, Mynämäki, Nousiainen, Aura, Kaarina, Paimio, Salo, Somero, Riihimäki, Loppi, Hausjärvi and Järvenpää.


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Caruna is the largest company in Finland dedicated to the distribution of electricity. It provides power to 650,000 private and corporate customers in South, Southwest and West Finland, as well as in the city of Joensuu, the sub-region of Koillismaa and the Satakunta region. Caruna employs 340 people directly and 1,500 people indirectly all over Finland. It is investing heavily in the construction of a weatherproof network and, in addition, invests about MEUR 100 annually in the development of its electrical network. Caruna is owned by Suomi Power Networks Oy, whose stakeholders are the Finnish employment pension companies Keva (12.5%) and Elo (7.5%) and the international investors in infrastructure, First State Investments (40%) and Borealis Infrastructure (40%).

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