Caruna to hand out awards for good safety performance today


30.01.2020 at 15:35
Caruna handed out safety awards to Netel Oy, N3M Oy and Jaki-Matik Oy today. This is the fifth time Caruna has given safety awards, and the criteria for these awards were reliable partnership and exemplary individual performance in relation to safety.

"Safe on-site conditions, identifying and managing risks affecting electrical safety, and professional employees are the fundamentals required to build the electricity network. When they are in good order, we are able to avoid personal injury and hazards, as well as electricity distribution outages. The three partners who received awards today have shown outstanding expertise in these areas," says Kosti Rautiainen, Head of Electrical Network Unit.

This year, the first award was given to Netel Oy, a long-term partner of Caruna's. The company's commitment to safety tuns through the entire organisation. The second award went to N3M Oy, which is based in Karjaa. The award justification includes the following comments: Professional work that has received a lot of good feedback. The overall safety management, including project documentation, is excellent. The third award was given to Jaki-Matik Oy from Naantali. 

"Netel's managers and, in particular, fieldwork manager Robert Norrgård have a first-class approach to safety. N3M's work is a shining example of the attitude we hope to pass on to all partners. The attitude of Jaki Matik's technician, Janne Vähä-Mäkilä, towards safety is first-class, as is the quality of his work", summarises Arsi Näkki, Head of HSEQ at Caruna.

The aim of the safety awards is to disseminate good safety practices in the partner network and encourage everyone who works with Caruna to improve safety. In 2019, the first prize is EUR 6,000, the second prize is EUR 2,000, and the third prize is EUR 1,000. The prize money is intended to be used for activities that maintain or develop safety. 

"Our safety activities are guided by one target above all others: to prevent all accidents before they occur. We need everyone in our partner network to contribute to this. Safety training is an important link in the chain. That is why we are also acknowledging the work of Jari Perämäki (PeiliPinta Consulting), who has been providing our contractors with training on how to work safely on the electricity network since 2017. Our annual safety awards are our way of recognising our partners' efforts to improve occupational safety," says Tomi Yli-Kyyny, Caruna's CEO.


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