Caruna to carry out extensive network improvements in Southwestern Finland and Satakunta


11.09.2017 at 08:33
Caruna continues to renew its electricity distribution network in Southwestern Finland and Satakunta. Based on competitive tenders, Caruna has chosen three contractors to implement the project: Netel Oy, TLT-Group Oy and Vertek Oy. With the project, Caruna seeks to renew the network and strengthen the reliability of supply. At the project’s completion, nearly all transmission lines will be weatherproofed.

The total value of the framework agreements Caruna has signed with Netel Oy, TLT-Group Oy and Vertek Oy is EUR 100 million. The contract term is three years, extendable by one year if necessary. Spanning several years, the agreement covers many separate network improvement projects across Southwestern Finland and Satakunta.

“In 2014, we launched our first extended network improvement project in the Southwestern Finland and Satakunta network areas. In the long term, underground cabling of the electricity network will provide the most durable solution. The results of our cabling efforts are beginning to show, especially in urban areas. For example, the impact of the August 2016 storm was reduced by approximately 30 per cent in Satakunta, compared to a situation where a similar storm would have hit the area before the extended cabling was carried out,” said Caruna’s CEO Tomi Yli-Kyyny.

With the new project, underground cabling will advance from urban areas to the countryside. In addition to improvements in rural areas, Caruna is set to build new distribution network sections and renovate existing overhead lines in some urban and sub-urban areas.

“We are renovating a nearly outdated local electricity distribution network, which is more than several decades old. We are implementing updates so that the network corresponds to our customers’ and the society’s needs and demands now and in the future, e.g. the electrification of traffic and renewable energy production. By replacing transmission lines with underground cabling, we are moving the network underground where it is protected against harsh weather conditions,” said Caruna’s Head of Asset Management and Design Timo Jutila.

The construction of two projects of similar magnitude has proceeded as planned in the area and is about to be completed.

When launching the next phase of the network renovation works, we will take on board any lessons learned from these projects. We have analysed customer feedback, and will put more emphasis on customer satisfaction in everything we do. As part of this focus, we have highlighted the importance of workmanship in this latest selection of partners,” said Mr Jutila.

It is also important for Caruna that the partners can offer assistance during disturbances, making electricians available if the electricity distribution is disrupted, and ensuring that faults are quickly repaired.

For the Southwestern Finland and Satakunta network improvement projects, the next phase of works will begin with a planning period in the autumn. The actual construction work will begin in the spring of 2018. Caruna will announce the launch of individual projects closer to the time in the region.

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