Caruna and Telia to join forces in increasing the number of people with access to top speed fibre-optic connections in Finland


23.01.2019 at 10:48
Caruna and Telia Finland have signed an agreement concerning a new kind of joint construction project that is unique in its scope. During the project, both electricity and fibre-optic networks will be built efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

In summer 2019, excavators will start digging ditches where both electric cables and telecom service provider's fibre-optic cables will be placed at the same time. Joint construction of electricity and fibre-optic networks have never before been built at this scale in Finland. So far, in the absence of a continuous and functional model for cooperation, energy companies and telecom service providers have jointly constructed only about 10–20% of projects.

At the start of the cooperation, about a thousand kilometres' worth of overhead line will be replaced by weatherproof underground cable, resulting in improved electricity distribution for 30,000 customers in Southwest Finland by 2022.

Constructing fibre-optic networks in connection with undergrounding makes it possible for customers to get the most modern and reliable internet connection.

Only about 7% of the fixed broadband connections of detached houses have been realized end-to-end with fibre-optics. The cooperation started by Caruna and Telia will improve the availability of fibre-optics in detached house areas.

Joint construction will have a significant impact on the digitalisation of Finland

Ensuring high-quality network connections is important for both Caruna and Telia. For the municipalities in the area of construction, a fibre-optic network is a selling point that can attract new businesses and investments into the municipality. For residents, this means improved electronic services for both work and leisure.

"It makes sense for residents, land owners and, on a larger scale, for the functioning of society, that the connections needed in modern society are constructed to the required level in one go. In other words, a street or a road is only opened up once, which reduces the disturbance that construction causes to the environment," says Kosti Rautiainen, Director, Electrical Networks, Caruna.

The objective laid out in the Ministry of Transport and Communications' digital infrastructure strategy is to make Finland the leading country of digitalisation – in 2025, all households should have access to a fast internet connection of at least 100 Mbps.

"Finland is behind other Nordic Countries in fibre-optic construction. Without support from the society, fibre-optic connections have mainly been constructed for apartment blocks in large cities and in city centres. We are excited that with this joint construction project, we will be able to offer fibre-optics with our open model for increasing numbers of families also in detached house areas," says Sanna Mutka, Head of Open Fibre (Avoin Kuitu) business at Telia Finland.

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