Caruna and the municipality of Tuusula to build the cable networks for the Rykmentinpuisto Housing Fair together


21.03.2018 at 09:00
The municipality of Tuusula and Caruna will implement the planning and building of the electrical and telecommunications networks and streetlighting as a joint procurement. Caruna has been in charge of the procurement, which involved inviting tenders from potential shared contractors for the responsibility of building electrical, telecommunications and streetlighting networks for the Tuusula housing fair area.

In addition to public lighting, the municipality of Tuusula will build a microchannel system which will cover the entire area. Optical fibres from several different telecommunications operators can be installed in the same microchannel system, if necessary. This will bring about considerable cost savings.

Joint tendering is an efficient and cost-effective way to operate. The various stages of construction can be implemented all at once when just one actor is in charge of the cabling. The resources of the network contractor can also be more efficiently allocated when using a joint contractor to build the networks. Voimatel Oy was selected as the contractor for the electricity network.

“Caruna has carried out similar joint procurements before; for example, with the cities of Salo and Kaarina. This is the first time we are trying out this model with Tuusula. We are very happy that the municipality of Tuusula has joined us in this collaboration,” says Key Account Manager Arto Hirvonen from Caruna.

The construction of the electricity network will begin in May and is due for completion in October 2018.

“The joint procurement was a cost-effective way for the municipality to proceed. At the same time, we had the opportunity to invite tenders for the microchannel system for the optical fibre network,” says Programme Manager Tuomo Sipilä.

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